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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by wolfguru, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. hi all just wondering if anyone could help i along with a few others have been selected for promotion and was wondering although we are not wearing the rank yet will we still get paid it and is it just a case of PIDs why we are not wearing yet. also what sort of pay increase should i expect thanks for the help.

    PS we are REME VMs
  2. I call a WAH!!

    and can I have my £5.00 please?

  3. I'll give you a few quid to stop posting all over the forums the same question albeit slighly differently phrased
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  4. You'll get paid when you're wearing it. You know, when you start doing the job you're expecting the money for?

    If you get very lucky you might get backpay. I wouldn't hold my breath though.
  5. i been on jpa and according to that it saying paid acting rank as lcpl. so does this mean i should be wearing it
  6. We had the same a few years ago, transpired it was out unit's f*** up...They started wearing pronto!
  7. this is what i am thinking as when i fire it up they just say they havnt got PiDs for us and we wont wear until we are posted which wont be until early next year, although our roles have also changed on jpa there is a few of us and think the just dont want to loose craftys for shit job section

  8. God and I thought my English was bad
  9. great thanks for that. Didn't realise i was writing a novel.
  10. Correct, you're not writing a novel meathead, but you are trying to communicate to people who may be able to help/advise.

    If you can bother your slack, lazy arrse to add a few capitals, full stops and commas, etc, it might help them to help you.

    *You may be cut some slack if you are using a blackberry type device, which your posts seem to indicate....unless you really are one of those thick tw*ts who are capable of sussing out the rules re a promotion/pay rise yet cannot comprehend the increase in academic responsibilities e.g written communication, that go with it.
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  11. The days of rank ranged PIDs are over. Therefore if your unit has no OR3 PIDs available you will not promote. If you do not promote you do not get paid and if you do not complete your PNCO CLM inside of a year of wearing guess what, back to Cfn. It will happen, stop being impatient and wait your turn. Oh yes, behave yourself or quick smart you will never get to wear it.