Id like to start a nice friendly thread nominationg celebrities who unfortunatly have Elmpt station lookalikes, no names please but plenty of hinting as to who they are!!!!


Pease , love, dove.

the cisco kid. ;D


280 Management Currently known as the "Shrek".........what a lookalike although this one the personality of a CD Player. He thinks a sports-afternoon is pepper-potting round Hill 60. Lies in bed at night dreamin' about the Army and all its glory. Wishes he passed P-Coy but makes do in the Signals. Only a couple of years left in, thank GOD for the Corps.......Love him really ..... NOT!! What a First Class ARRSE
Mmmmmm, looks like this thread could get messy
chief binman and bar. i know acl. you are a boring geek. guess who? COMS. city till i die
The "Cracker" photo of a cetain boss was much better than his real pic. It showed his chins better. With the fag in his mouth. 2IC's pic should have been grotbags. :lol:
Well Guys, They all seem to be fair comments except the one about managing Troops that is!!! Stick to stores is better suited with those skills!

I must come and see these pics Obe_Wan, they sound interesting.

Hey SQ, how is life without the fast motors. no tax free where U R now. you must invite me for a visit for one of those Curries she should be able to knock up! "But But" only kidding mate.

Very interesting Thread, Must keep an eye on it, see how it pans out.
Very ugly I suspect.

Wonder if the Shrek looks at this site.....Lucky Devil....Wot a shredding!

Must have mates like yours, except management have no mates, and never have done in the short time i have served.


Shrek isn't feeling very well after all the warnings about his PT regime he finally succumbed and became the first injury for a while.....Apparently he severely sprained his ankle and had to be bedded down.....But a sprain isn't an injury is it Shrek?

Cracker and the Donkey were heard to have laughed sympatheticaly...not!!

It is worthy of note that Harry Potter also works in the upper reaches of the first floor though and drives a very fast car? :twisted:
Honestly Deep_Blue, the contempt you show for the "upper reaches" of the Sqn is commendable :wink:

I'v heard that harry potters car is performing about the same as Ron's Ford Anglia from the film :lol:

Obi_wan, dont know about grot bags - maybe your mate chewie the wookie is more appropriate? :wink:

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