Select vintages of Malt for Sale

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Whiskybreath, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. I have come into a quantity of excellent malt and blended whiskies and need to divest, as quickly as possible (moving abroad)(upgrading)(wife objects)(too large for garage)(CID closing in)(personal capacity exceeded).

    If you wish to take advantage of this exclusive offer, send many pesos in the form of PayPal donations to

    Deliveries can take some days, even weeks, to arrive. Stay cool.
  2. WB,

    Interested in a job lot if the price is at a decent discounted rate. 8) I have a mate who knows a bloke who has a cousin with a mate "in the trade" who may be able to help take it off your hands. Lets just call him Danny the cosh, for the sake of it... :threaten:

    I'll make some enquiries and shoot you two or three mobile numbers so you can contact him on. He usually likes to speak to people when they're on public phones in noisy boozers, I think its a fetish, but who knows. Call him from random locals. He'll like that a lot.

    He won't do Paypal and likes real money, so it'll probably be a meet on a back road somewhere so lets say, "a big fcuk off lorry" could be exchanged for a bag of unmarked readies of your choice. :clap: :dance:

    He may be willing to double up on the amount if your okay with some, err, how shall I put it, locally manufactured dosh? :wink: :wink:

    If so, that's a win, win, right mate :?

    LMK mate... No questions asked, or answered... Honest guv. :wink:
  3. I'll take the lot as long as it isn't any of that Scottish shite.
  4. Sounds interesting, what names/brands?
  5. Heresy! You sir are a bounder and a cad.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Any free samples? Try before you buy?
  7. The grapevine tells me that you've only got Dewers Special Reserve, Aberfeldy and Glenlivet Malt on offer.

    But why would anyone want to buy whisky that someone's ejaculated into?

    Next time, put it up for sale instead of indulging in personal fetishes.
  8. "Dewers Special Reserve, Aberfeldy and Glenlivet Malt", are what my Warehouse Manager tells me. There are, naturally, some far more rare and exclusive labels, but at this time I haven't yet been able to climb up there and open the boxes.

    Be assured of our continuing and most attentive care of your requirements. Your business is precious to us.
  9. Be assured, Sir, that this is the purest Japanese shite, lovingly distilled and most carefully matured for literally days. Thereafter, under the stern eye of our Master Distiller, it is bottled in rare old cOak containers, sealed and regretfully sent away from our loving attention to our most valued and revered customer.

    £5 to you, pal. Cash.

    (To anyone hesitating, I should say that in response to the Strathclyde Police appeal for bottles of cut price whisky, I have been in touch with them and they have taken a large consignment, at a very generous price.)
  10. If you find any Highland Park or Old Parr, then PM me. Ta
  11. Anyone with further information should ring Belfast 650222 and ask to speak to the RCS

    <<They are getting a bit short>>
  12. 220 have a full order in. Not that they were ever in need of extra portions, mind.