Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by davec, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. was just wondering do you still have to do the bleep test as a friend said that they took it outand how hard is it i was also told that if i can run 3 mile then there is nothing to worry about with regards to the fitness side of recruit selection is this true or do i need to do more training
  2. It all depends on what selection you are talking about.

    Run 3 miles very quickly and you wont go far wrong.

  3. Does everybody do a bleep test now? I joined the TA briefly a few years ago and we did the BPFA, 1.5 miles.

    As part of AOSB, the test is the bleep test, but i thought the MATT details a 2.4km run as the PFT?
  4. Punctuation is your friend.
  5. The bleep test is not done but the 2.4km run is. Davec, you need to run 2.4km in the time that is needed for that job e.g. Infantry 10mins 30secs, RLC 13mins (I think) etc.


  6. AGC - 45 mins :D
  7. and his brother Spelling
  8. I take it your a potential regular soldier are you JE or SE?
    If your going to ADSC for selection into the army all your fitness tests are in the booklet you can get from your ACIO/AFCO. Make sure you do a good warm up before hand between 800m to 2.4km because it depends which ADSC you go to what the warm up will be and throw a couple of slopes in. You then have to do the further 2.4km as a personnel best effort, so dont jog round chatting to others or walk. The PSO's will be watching your efforts all the way round so realistically you need tobe doing well under 11.30 for lads or around 12.00 minutes for lasses to give you a good shout. Do do hope the infantry can knock off over a minute off that but have known some get through because of the determination. Make sure when you give your times to the recruiters they are accurate and that you have done the warm up first before because your only kdding yourself and will fail.

    Regarding bleep test you shouldnt have to do it but have been told if its too icy they could make you do it- a pass is roughly level 9
  9. If you're fit enough that you don't need to breath you don't need to punctuate. Try saying it aloud and with either a Dalek or Darth Vader accent. :D

    However, unfortunately for our friend, if you want to pass selction (sic) you do need to know how to spell it.

  10. 14 mins :wink:
  11. Dont know whos told you this but 14 minutes would not get you a pass.