Sein Fein to get their allowances back

I just love this government. It is just full of double standards. In fact someone ought to design a double-standards T shirt for this bunch of 2-faced leftie-loving w*nkers
Private_Pike said:

I wonder if it will get back-dated? :roll:

i agree with your comments , but i would go further and stop the whole lot of n.i politicians wages, lets face it, if you refused to work, would you be paid every month for years, no of course not, BUT, thats whats been going on with politicians from N.I, for years, SO THEY SHOULD GET ON WITH THE JOB THEY ARE BEING PAID TO DO, lazy lot
i believe that an english parliment is for elected MP'S from england, the scots -irish[ ulster] and welsh have devolved power and their own parliment buildings ,, they were given the right to look after the interests of there own people in there respected country's, and the welsh and scots have been cracking on with the job,, but the ulster politicians have done nothing but moan, moan, and moan [ as usual] boot them out of westminster ands stop all their wages and allowences

im not a socialist or a phoney tony supporter, im in fact an ex-tory supporter who got sick of the party and left, i also served many tours in N.I

fear naught :lol:

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