Seething. Climate change nutjob speaks out.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Squiddly, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Maybe it's just me:,,30400-1309079,00.html

    From Phil Thornhill, co-ordinator of that bunch of tree hugging hippies, the campaign against climate change: "It's tinkering at the edges of what has to be done when you consider the sums of money spent on green issues and compare that to the £6bn being spent on road-widening or the extra £2bn on troops in Iraq.

    "Climate change is a threat to national security and should be taken with the same seriousness as the threat of an enemy invasion or a war."

    Does this guy seriously liken himself and his fellow hippies to, or even place himself in the same league as the men and women that go overseas to fight, mostly without the so-called "extra 2bn", on behalf of this country and it's people? Does he seriously imagine that a well funded and well equipped anti-climate-change group exclusive to the UK is going to make any more than the tinest rat's pellet of difference to the greatest political cash cow of the early 21st century, so called climate change?

    Troops have been doing a very difficult job for years and years, with less kit and less supplies than they've needed, while the government seemingly screws them over behind the scenes, and our men and women have kept the show running, despite this. And then as soon as the government "give" 2bn extra to the armed forces, this tree hugging nutjob comes along and has the absolute and sheer cheek to say "Why do they get extra money? My supporters and our agenda are just as important and deserving as the armed forces".

    Yes, I may well be taking his comments a little out of context, but frankly I have very little truck with so called climate change, which on the face of it, seems nothing more than an excuse for the government to tax every single thing in the country, while putting very little of it back into the country, while every other country in the world does whatever they want, which in China's case includes building factories and power plants etc etc etc. And despite the fact that the entire UK could become solar powered and China would still be turning that corner of the planet yellow - literally - this Thornhill prick dares to try and put himself and his loony nutjob tree shaggers in the same league as the people out in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Bloody prick.

    Rant over, just something that caught my eye.
    If it didn't make much sense, that's just me for you.
  2. I believe the Earths climate is changing.
    I also believe that whatever man may do, will not really effect what the Earth does.
    Greenland was back in the good old days a Green and Pleasant land.
    Greenland, Vikings, Pillage and whatever.
  3. Climate change is real. If you don't believe it is so, I suggest it is time to change your opinions about the Holocaust.

    You deny one, you deny the other.
  4. I didn't deny it was happening at any point. I do in fact believe the climate is changing, and I also believe that this is a natural process that has been occuring since the earth was a lump of molten rock - I'd say we've already undergone a few billion years of climate change already.

    What I also believe however, is that trying to alter this procedure is like trying to learn to grow wings and fly while you're in mid air above the trampoline. Nature carries on and the cycle continues, regardless of what you do while you're up there.

    In any case, even assuming that climate change wasn't the biggest and best excuse for whatever wide ranging taxes/laws/legislation any government in the world cares to introduce, even assuming that humans are directly responsible for suddenly and irrevocably changing the climate of a planet that has been quite happily ticking along for over four billion years (a belief that strikes me as vain, pessimistic and arrogant in the extreme), I don't think that any single measure this country makes, including complete deindustrialisation, removing every house, factory and vehicle from the UK, would make more than the tinest amount of difference to a situation that is already occuring for a reason other than the one the treasury would have you believe. Notwithstanding the lack of interest in "climate change" from other major, major countries including India, China and Russia, the UK itself can and could ever only do very little to try and alter the process.

    But despite this, the taxes go up, the laws get levied and the legislation gets introduced because "no one wants to be flooded regularly (in today's news no less, weather "experts" have concluded that 2007's floods were not the result of climate change) , and they'll pay whatever we want if we tell them the world is going to end".

    That's why I'm opposed to these hysterical soothsayers of doom. They're naive, they're arrogant, and they're wrong.

    But as for climate change itself? I never denied that it was occuring at all.
  5. We didn't have climate change 40 years ago. Perhaps the answer is to go back to coal fires, acid rain, CFCs, leaded petrol etc.

  6. Squiddly yelped:

    Then quit fighting it.

    Do you really believe that the most destructive, the most damaging race in life's existence can go scotfree when it comes to it's own existence?

    We have damaged the enviroment in ways that ten megavolcanoes would only have dreams of doing. All in the space of 20 years.

    It is time to stop listening to all those idiots who are seeking reelection and go back to respecting good old Mother Earth.
  7. I'm not fighting it. Not at all.

    Hardly. Also:

    I agree. As i've said already, climate change is the political hot potato of the century, and politicians will promise the salvation of the earth itself - something they are in no position to deliver - if they think it will help them get re-elected.

    As for respecting Mother Earth, it seems a little disingenous to speak of such respect moments after likening our effect on the planet to those of the most destructive forces of nature, doesn't it?
  8. Oh aye?
    The Holocaust is a historical fact, climitae change is a matter of highly dubious opinions.
    Yes our climate is changing, just has it always has done. Was mankind responsible for the last ice age coming to an end?
    everytime a volcno errupts it negates mans atempts to clean up carbon emissions, any ideas on how we really change it? Isn't it part of the planets natural evolution?
  9. I do take exception to the crass comparision. Denying climate change equals denying the Holocaust? Suggest that you have a good hard look at yourself. The suggestion for most thinking people is yes, climate change happens as a contant evolving thing, but the silly people act like it is a new event caused by humans.
    700 million years ago to 650 million years ago this planet was a complete block of ice up to one mile thick. Was Al Gore around to make a buck of this fact? Fact is that what ever we do the Earth cares not. The Earth will endure, you won't.
  10. Or alternatively squiddly you could get of your arrse, stop cruising internet chat rooms for anyone desperate enough to throw you a f ucking bone and actually do what you've been saying for ever and f ucking join up

    Just a thought....... have a pleasant weekend, I'm off to burn tyres and shoot endangered species.
  11. Is anybody else as tired as I am of being harped at by both end's of the climate change debate?, , frankly I don't care any more, if it happens it happens if it doesn't, something else will be along to panic the masses in short time...I'm just sick of it, either way.
  12. Hippies and greenpeace (same thing i know) are 90% sure that this so called ''Global warming'' is due to mans activitys. Weras their is a 10% chance that global warmings not down to us or it dosent exist.

    Id be pissed of if i spent Billions of pounds on trying to cut down carbon emissions when i dident need to.
  13. DD, Sometimes you say something profound. On this occasion you say something profoundly stupid.

    Make an argument if you must but make it an intellectual one if you would be so kind.

    Climate change is real. The causes of it are debatable. The impact of UK policy on it is always going to be really negligible.
  14. Hi all,looks like the spivs have hijacked the climate change thing.They will make a fortune out of gullible populations.(Is there any other kind?)
    I also have a proposition,Send me a dollar and,instead of binning whatever fruit seeds are left after I scoff said fruit,I will spit them out onto Mother Earth and they will germinate and grow ,Saving the planet.Please understand that you may not do this because I thought of it first.
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