Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Buckingham, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Times have to be hard at the R.M.A Sandhurst, I’m down her ‘helping folk and the like’, and saunter into Camberley occasionally, well imagine my surprise to see young officers walking around looking like escapees from Burton’s shop window display.
    The suits are, to a man poorly cut, cheap of fabric and matched perfectly with their footwear, one fellow spied today, wearing split toe black shoes with 'fawn' pin corduroy trousers, and, get this – the trousers were pleated !
    This may be due to the lack of funds whilst settling student debts, or I may just have seen the very young and confused, it’s hard to tell when you’re my age.
  2. Crikey - you really are dull aren't you?
  3. It pertains to standards No6, these must be maintained at all cost.
    I could walk the streets with my cock hanging through my flies, but my elegance gene prevents it.
  4. In those bright pink cords of yours?

  5. Are you sure it isn't because you have a really tiny cock?
  6. The next question has to be why are you walking around town looking at young men?

    Are you a bit of a fudge packer?
  7. If he posts some photos, mebbe Jarrod could tell us if he is "Hot or Not".
  8. Couldn't give a fat swans c*ck Buckingham old chap but thanks for pointing this out.
  9. You obviously didn't bother your ARRSE to venture as far as Tesco where many budding officer cadets were strutting their stuff packing shopping (bob-a-job stylee as Mrs Counterstrike remarked) in aid of Help for Heroes.

    Fine turn out all round and well done youz!
  10. I'll pop down, I fill up at their garage before hopping onto the M3.
    Thanks Counterstrike.
    My E.T.A should be 11.00hrs,
    I'll be wearing a well cut suit.
  11. Any chance you can "pop off" the M3 as well. At high speed?

    Go on - be a mate.
  12. I enjoy Snail, he has a certain… I don’t know.. sense of humour.
    Unlike Sophist, who insists on assuming a squatting position and pushing soft fruit up himself.
    I really can’t make him out you know.
    He really is a snotty little bore of the worst type, when I encountered a boy like him at school, I’d torture him, analy.
    Still, we have made plans to meet up on Jersey and share a bottle.
  13. Times have changed you bluffing old cunt. These days, we're more interested in the quality of the man, than of his tailor. :roll:
  14. Ching ching old dear - I am not a bloke. So I suggest you take your face for a shite.