Seen right off What are my options?

Just got back from my trip to see my new house.
Well what can I say?
House next door all boarded up due to Arson damage, most of the houses have garage doors hanging off grass around the area at least 10 inches high. No street lamps.
Only one other person lives on my street, and lets not forget the 30ft fence that is one side of my back garden to keep the crims from the estate out (neighbours words not mine) WOOHOO

Remember this is an Army Married quarter estate
So that a big NO from me

Move up the road and the other estate is fabulous very clean smart houses and such. When I ask if I can have one of those (we counted 26 empty) the reply from the powers that be is, All quarters are either already allocated or UNINHABITABLE?

What are my options?
The Daily Mail?

Only kidding .............


Book Reviewer
Chain of Command both in person and in writing immediately via the UWO. If it is as bad as I suspect get the UWO to accompany you and have a look see. Also, don't know your rank but ensure your Coy/Sqn Comd is made aware via CoC. Ask to spk up the civvie CoC and get an address to write a letter of complaint to. Do not be put off and be logical in your letters of complaint. Where is spouse - in old quarter ? Refuse to move until you are given something deserving of your uniform but again get the UWO on side. Good luck.

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