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Not something I'd consider myself but out of interest...

What would the likely reaction be if a jumps-qualled bootie got onto Pathfinder selection (assuming his CO even let him)? There are recce roles within the corps (RO, ML, PW) but none of these offer military freefall or undertake the same sort of taskings.

The banter would be insane but is there a likelihood a Royal would be cast as a real outsider and not gel well with other candidates/Pathfinders, even if he made the effort to get on with them?

What would the general reaction be within Pathfinder plt should a Royal join them?

Would the DS even let a Royal pass, assuming he made the grade, or would they go out of their way to find a reason to fail him?

I understand they should all be real professionals and rise above childish behaviour, keep the banter strong but make sure there's no actual bullying, but would the reality be the same?


I know of a lad who was RAOC and went onto be pathfinder and then onto be one of "them"


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Only know a couple of Para's and oddly a lot of booties, but get past the banter and hat bollocks and in the main you'll find decent professionals in both outfits; yes, the banter I suspect would be insane but I have no reason to believe a Bootneck couldn't do it nor wouldn't gel with the team. I would have thought if a Bootneck was that way inclined though he'd be more likely to go down the ML or Poole route?
They let crabs in; no reason why not a bootie!!


Crap post from a Kiwifruit who has no knowledge of the system 2 RLC comms spec and stacker to boot that have served as pathfinders (there the ones I know of) in the past 4 years, Guards, RAF,Reme to name a few. Like all courses once you've passed your in the clique as a brother, you may have noticed we've been at war for the best part of this century so no one really gives a flying monkey what who or where your from as long as you can do a job.
Ive got an even better idea. Why don't you join RN as a Clearance Diver , then do your AACC, give it a year then try for the Army pilots course. Then try Pathfinders and maybe crack on to the ATO High risk search course. When you get bored of that then just do Selection for SAS . Or alternately just join your own ******* army and stop asking **** fantasy questions about Uk . Why would a Royal join Pathfinders? . Do stop dreaming you daft **** , if you do actually join up you'll spend half you career sewing on badges . Fantasist


All capbadges have good blokes and all capbadges have twats. Yes, there is banter, but as long as you can do the job well, people won't have a problem with you. I even know some RAF lads who are sound. Crazy stuff, huh?
Thanks for the help to those who bothered to approach it seriously.

As I said, not something I'd do, but certainly interesting. Mad about that RAOC guy! Guess it shows how far a good physical and mental state can take you.


I was sigs and i made it into pf plt, with my 2e rep background the course was just a formality. The highlight being the halo cse in the US
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