Seen any Funny Patches?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by OneManArmy, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. I returned from Herrick 14 alittle while ago, went to take my spares into my local army supplys place and I took my "Sons of Anarchy, Helmand Div" in and the chap who owns the place wants to copy it and provide online for Soldiers deploying. These arent allowed to be worn 24/7 but we all know what the crack is on tour after 2-3 months, when your out on the ground and out of prying eyes you can get away with these little gems of morale.

    Ive google'd and google'd and I cant seem to find anyone that provides them, all I can find are naff american humor ones, in my eyes, would be a another little bonus we can pick up before tour.

    So my question is, Can anyone remember or think of any funny patch designs they saw on tour or even off.. That they've always wanted. Or even can think of a good design they'd love to acquire?

    There were a few I saw but for the life of me I cant remember.

    Any photos anyone has of any would be brilliant.

    Please dont post anything offensive, lets maintain Op Security, Cheers!

    Many thanks to all who post!

    P.S Aye I know the Helmand div thing isnt that amusing, before the trolls jump in, but it seemed appropriate at the time after spending the whole tour watching it.
  2. Nothing other than the Taliban hunting club type stuff.
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  3. I don't believe in paying for flashes with my own money
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  4. Fair enough, its not really a regiment flash mate, its humor
  5. ....maybe NOT a good idea to post about morale improvements of that nature if they might be considered even the tiny weenyist bit offensive in any way shape or form..... See "Pissing on Dead Afghans" to see what a shit-storm can be achieved in very short order when the meeja get hold of a story.
  6. Good job they didn't notice the fuckloads of different t-shirts on Op Grumpy.
  7. Fair point saladin, ill edit my post
  8. Hmmmmm, havn't I read something along these lines before?
  9. Had a PSI who wore a natty "10 Platoon, plastic killers" T Shirt in the late 80s
  10. When I was a Cpl in 50 Fd Sqn RE, we were deployed to Belize, at the time that Guatamala had declared that it was going annex Belize.

    At this time the Guats were making the occasional foray over the border and were pumping propaganda at us via a medium wave radio station that was hilarious to listen to:

    "Breetish solyers go khome to your loved ones thees kreeesmus, because our solyers are comming weeth our machetees to keel you"

    My money was on my sect. LMG!

    I digress.

    The place was such a shithole at the time and me and my lads spent weeks on end in the jungle doing mundane things, that I designed a t shirt and had it made. The front was a copy of an old WW2 poster:


    On the back, the t shirt said: No And I Wish I hadn't ******* Well Come.

    Unfortunately the t shirt went viral and soon they could be seen all over town.

    So, another day another bollocking!
  11. A simple one I saw on the Boardwalk a few years ago: a bloke had a zap patch on his UBACS declaring his blood group as 'HIV POS'.
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  12. Saw a fat bird at Bastion lugging post sacks into a wagon, on her fat tit there was a patch stating that 'only God can judge them, but well arrange the meeting', I gipped in my mouth.
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  13. .
    I've seen Taliban Hunting Club badges on **** pigs who never left a FOB. It's like the old 'Sniper Team, Sarajevo' T-Shirts lads were buying at Spilt Airport in Bosnia.
  14. Seen a good US Medvac patch will a bird in a dress and the wording "Like Whores we go where the work is". Failing that I like my "That Guy" mudguard.
  15. Has the airport moved? Used to be in Croatia.
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