Seems like good advice

This from a Yank gun club forum addressed to lad who wants to join US army.
Unfortunately, it’s something you can’t get from a book (other than the Bible) or take a class in, and that’s maturity. I wish I could say, “Oh, and by the way, grow up and be mature in manhood when you arrive at basic”. We all know it doesn’t work that way.

The single most common reason people fail to make it through the Special Forces community training regimes is simple immaturity and lack of mental toughness. The training will be unbelievably demanding on you mentally and the reason they push you physically is not to test your body, it’s to test your mind. Mental toughness is absolutely the prime requirement to succeed.

My advice, keep your mouth shut and focus on everything your instructor’s say, from basic training all the way through the CC pipeline. Pay attention to them and the training requirements and not to your own discomfort of emotions nor to the drama queens that are always present (until they get washed out, that is). Be quick to help others and take the initiative. When you feel like quitting, and you will, don’t quit. Don’t make excuses with yourself and rationalize and say, “I don’t really want this” and all the lame crud the quitters tell themselves. Don’t quit. If you are having problems in a training evolution or cycle the instructors will be on you. Ask them to help you. It’s better to be recycled through a segment of training than to be dropped altogether. Pay attention to details and do exactly what you’re told when told to do it.

One last point, contain your emotions. Don’t cry, don’t clown around, don’t get your feelings hurt (you will get your feelings hurt, but I mean don’t nurse it, let it go right away), don’t get too chummy with people until you’ve made it through several schools and you know who is gonna make it, and don’t get involved in any sort of politics and personality contests. Be helpful to everyone all the time, especially to guys having problems and support everyone in a professional manner. Professional manner means you need to maintain emotional distance. Be nice but not chummy.
EVERYTHING that happens during basic, wherever you are is a game.
When you are old enough to realise this, it will all become easy, and whats more, you will have been in longer than you thought and probably enjoying it.

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