Seemingly benign things that bug you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. I don't know why but I fcuking hate coathangers. The way they all hook up with each other does my head in. Also the seeds in Peppers, they go everywhere.
  2. Mobile phones with walkie/talkie functions.
  3. people that request that bloody JCB song on the radio because it 'reminds me of me and my son', wnakers!!
  4. Sarah Kennedy On Radio 2, it's too bloody early for that kind of sweetness! Yuk.....
  5. Oven gloves. They are for fcuking wimps. So are novelty aprons for men. If you're wearing stuff that you are too afraid to get a bit of olive oil on, or blood, then you shouldn't be in the fcuking kitchen. Dial out for some cnuting pizza instead.

    B*llocks, just thinking about aprons has made me grumpy. Off to watch Dragon's Den.

  6. Bloody time wasting sales telephone calls. Even if you do the biz with BT to block them, they come back like a rash! Bast**ds. :(
  7. Mobile ads. They're all full of impossibly hip, thin and sculpted people under 22 doing chic, underground-y things with their aggressively diverse group of friends, set to some club song (that you just know the ad writers are hoping will catch on with the youngsters).

    The guy in the Phones 4 U ads may be an annoying little tw@t but at least he's not a skinny b!tch in lowrider jeans texting her friend at a diner to the tune of "dial up my nuuuuuuuumber..."
  8. People who sit in the middle lane on motorways even if its clear for miles ahead. Don’t know why it annoys me it just does.
  9. Middle lane drivers ! They should be made to sit in front of the Master driver for one million lectures It bugs the sh*t out of me. I deliberately undertake them to prove a point
  10. Bloody ring tones Adverts....

    There you are, sat in front of the box, can of Stella in one hand, Kentucky Fried chicken bargain bucket in the other, watching “Strip Clubs of Halifax uncovered” on Men and Motors exhorting the viewer to download (whatever that means) from the internet (whatever that is) some ring-tones from the latest charts (whatever they are.) A ring-tone is apparently the noise one’s mobile phone makes when it rings. What amazed me about this ad was that it started with the question; “Are you embarrassed by your ring-tone?” Is it possible that there is such a person on the planet? Some-one who has such a pathetically low opinion of themselves, someone who is so lacking in personality and brains, some-one so vain, shallow and dim, that they would give a shit what other people thought of their ring tones? I dream of a world in which I have so few worries and problems, that I could give a damn about what my f@cking mobile phone sounds like when it rings!

    It’s disgraceful. I don’t want to see ferking frogs on motorbikes, when I’ve tuned in to watch “Extreme Pint Pulling” on Challenge TV. Bloody tossers!!!!
  11. Injured or Hurt at work in the last 3 years..... (Doubt it)

    Had an accident that wasn't your fault ....... (No Doubt About It)

    Just call..... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    F*cking spongers making money out of other f*cking spongers :twisted: :twisted:

    Hate the Lot of Them!!

    Rant Over

  12. When you’re walking along a pavement just wide enough for two people to walk side by side (space for over taking), railing on one side, hedge on the other:
    There is always some elderly person, fat person, mother with pram, etc walking far to bloody slow and not leaving enough space for the rest of us to move around them :evil:
  13. This is not really PC. Have you ever looked to see who is driving that bloody middle lane car? Five will get you ten, he is wearing a turban or has a really good tan! Possibly something to do with two lane traffic only in the homeland? :(
  14. Fog lights
  15. you're not the only one who constantly has to undertake. i'm with you on that one.
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