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Seeks "Prince Charming"

what exactly were you looking for to find this site? Serial Killer Dating? i can see your thinking though - after a few years in the nick they are going to be looking for some serious action. Hide the pets though.
I'm outgoing and very open-minded, intelligent, and love looking pretty, smelling good, and love being sexy. I love traveling, being romanced, shopping, cooking, and more! I'm looking for an honest friend for good conversation, someone who will care for me, and my well-being. Seeking an intelligent business man. Looking into the future, I will consider marriage. Where are you, I'm looking for a "Prince Charming"...but he's gotta be ALL man!
Seeking an intelligent business man - Needs some one with money.

I love traveling - running from the old bill count as traveling?

but he's gotta be ALL man - Sick of women inside already?

Cracking set of jubblies though! Pretty lass :oops:
RCSignals said:
Someone posted links to some of the 'girls' on another board.
I thought you'd like them
Look RC. I know times can be hard, but looking for a woman at 6am on a US prison website on a Saturday morning is bad. If you want, just for you, I'll drive to your gaff today in a blonde wig and dress and 'keep you company' all weekend. Would that cheer you up?
Anya1982 said:
Cracking set of jubblies though! Pretty lass :oops:
Have to agree with you there! Medium security level on that one, hmmmmm wonder what she did?

I was actually watching a programme on prison dating the other evening. Its absolutely AMAZING at the amount of attention inmates get.
First babe has obvious implants.. [ payed for a public expense as part of her rehabilitation thereapy, perhaps.. to help her self- esteem as she adjusts to reintegration into society..??]

If they are all so HONEST and SINCERE what the bloody hell are they doing in the slammer....can't be all innocent and ' wuz framed' yer honner..

watch it RC they're all lesbo slice and dice artists who studied at the feet of Ms Bobbitt and their only interest in what's in your pants is your wallet/bankbook...that's a given..

still, it would make for a fun ride what with the ' danger' aspect.. sleeping with one eye open, checking under the pillows for the ice pick, having the dog taste test the coffee in the morning..could add quite a bit of ' excitement ' to the trist...
the first girl is very pretty but she has no nipples!

or rather, if her nipple is hidden behind that star its in the wrong place! 8O

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