Seeking some enlightenment from experts or fellow category 3ers who have passed AOSB

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Eyepatch, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. Good evening folks,
    I've had a good read around this site and have found some great pieces of advice and various planning exercises to practice too, thanks for the help so far. To set the scene, I'm 22years old and attempted the briefing about a month ago and got a cat 3 to my disappointment. The MAP and plan ex let me down and I'm guessing my appearance (shaved head due to a charity event) may have made a difference. I know where I went wrong. I tend to be harsh on myself but realised it was my stupidity to not travel down the night before (so got up really early after a few nights bad quality sleep) and quite possibly not working on my MAP technique.
    Whilst you will all say that a potential Officer should have known to plan these things in advance, I realise this and intend to push myself even more as it is a career I have wanted to pursue for a long time. After the debrief with my sponsor, it was found that my attitude, fitness, current affairs etc was fine and that if it was just a bad day then I should go ahead. I have decided to give myself 6 months to work on planning exercises and will buy a few books for psychometric tests to get the technique spot on. I also decided to tweak my fitness regime (always been heavily into my work outs) and have a weekly routine for all of the above.

    I have a 2.2 degree in a solid subject and whilst I appreciate this does not make me necessarily "intelligent"(it was a subject I disliked from the start but I've not quit anything before and knew it would be a good degree to have), it should show that I have the capacity to learn and willing to do what it takes to hopefully pass AOSB. It seems that the stuff taht I need to work is possible to improve on. With your knowledge and/ or passed experience, how likely would it be that I have a chance in passing considering the above?

    P.S. As this is my first post, I would also like to say hi!
  2. Good morning, is the lack of feedback some sort of sign? or just that there's been too many similar posts?
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  5. Try again on Wednesday.
  6. thought I would bump this thread as I am curious as to whether anyone has been (or knows of anyone) in the same situation who has passed main board? thank you for any help.
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  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You have asked a question which it is almost impossible to answer. People who get Cat 3's at briefing do pass AOSB, but who can say if you will be one of them? If you are brutally honest with yourself about the results of your feedback and the issues you need to address, then you have every chance, if you then address those issues.
  9. maybe you should forget main board,and get aboard a ship sporting the jolly roger you willy woofter.
  10. cpunk, thanks for the reply. You're right, I just didn't see it like that. Having had a few decent job offers recently, I'd lost a little motivation but now back on track with plan ex's and improving on the MAP skills to be sure. Thanks again!