Seeking Operational Level Sim of Wacht Am Rhein

My reading lately has been boning up on my knowledge of Wacht Am Rhein, "The Battle of the Bulge" as we know it in the States. As is usual, my reading has given me a desire to wargame the battle. Unfortunately, I've been doing some online searches for computer wargames for the Ardennes fight, and can't find a blessed thing. What makes this all the more maddening is that in the past there have been a plethora of offerings for this battle, but nothing seems available currently--rather unusual considering it was the largest battle the US Army participated in during WWII.

Some have suggested Operational Art of War II, but frankly that game system torques me off massively--my main complaint is that I simply can't seem to get supporting arty to fire in the defensive--I tried wargaming the entire North African campaign as the Brits, built up my forces after the Italian operational pause over the course of weeks, launched a rather successful OP COMPASS, and then had to go over to the defensive when Rommel showed...and I'd have Arty dug into the Defense one hex behind defending maneuver units, and when the battle results came in after the Germans/Italians attacked, I saw NO artillery units participating in the defense! Considering that the American defense of Elsenborn Ridge depended on a concentration of more arty than God himself possessed, I'm thinking wargaming the Bulge in TOAW II would be an invitation to disaster, as 12th SS Pz Div rolls over American infantry unsupported by artillery.

Does anyone have any other good games out there to suggest for wargaming the Bulge? Barring that, any suggestions on how to get my bloody arty to SHOOT when friendly units within range are attacked?
Thanks, I've played Combat Mission and it's a great game but it's tactical level. I'm looking for an operational level sim. I'm very interested in trying out the "Little Plan" which Von Rundstedt (and pretty much everyone else) tried to sell to Hitler. Given less ambitious objectives than a drive all the way to Antwerp, and a thrust from the Aachen area, they might have succeeded in surrounding all of VIII Corps and all XVIII Airborne Corps. Had things gone exceedingly well for them. As Hodges said after though, the actual operation they went forward with was something "Only a goddamn fool would try."
amazing__lobster said:
What about the latest Hearts of Ion?

HOI is fun but not a real wargame.
There's a mod for the game Red Orchestra called Darkest Hour (its free and the only thing you need to run it is a copy of RO) I'm 90 percent sure it has Battle of the Bulge maps, and they're huge. It's not as realistic as a full on simulator but it's a good FPS with tanks, artillery and infantry fighting done pretty convincingly.
Seek and ye shall find!

"SSG has decided to release the latest version of our award winning game, The Ardennes Offensive, for a Free full game download for PC game for You. "

I recall playing this game many, many moons ago. Looks like it's been updated since original release in 1997. Regimental level treatment of the Bulge.

For those of you who suggested RTS games...this might be a tad too complex for you--or who knows, you'll discover a whole new dimension of gaming. Thanks for the suggestions!

Now to get out of work so I can download the bugger...

[Edit] From a review: "If you found Panzer General too realistic or you think Command & Conquer is a wargame, you're going to be quite disappointed. But if you know what a ZOC is, understand step reductions, and fondly remember Panzer Blitz, then by all means pick this game up."
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