Seeking ODP information!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by parabol, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Well like most uninformed, young guys interested in taking the path of the Medical Corps within the Army, I was originally intending on being a CMT.

    Well, after passing my BARB test my careers adviser told me that I'd be waiting till October onwards if I wanted to go CMT. So upon hearing this I explored other options within the Medical Corps and was drawn upon the ODP profession. My first impressions and only knowledge of it was from the Army website. And in my attempt of depleting my ignorance towards the job I've been exploring topic after topic on this forum and among the internet trying to piece together what this job actually entails.

    So from what I've gathered;

    - You get paid to go to university, and get a good quaification!
    Yeaaah, Uni life! Not only do I get paid to learn, but I'm put in an environment were there is lots of hotties for 2 years!

    - Your qualifications and skills translate directly over into civi life.
    So finding a job after the Army wouldn't be a problem.

    So in terms of taking the best route which will benefit me academically and job-wise when in civi street, this wins by a mile. But like I said, I have literally no knowledge of what life as an ODP entails. I've been comparing it to that of an civi ODP. And I guess it looks interesting, but I imagine it would get mundane and isn't very eventful/action packed. But I have no idea what an Army ODP would do that differs to a civi one. And I just assumed a CMT would be more eventful/action packed but apparently not. So in a realistic world, I imagine CMT and ODP can be mundane, repetitive jobs. (but what jobs aren't!?)

    So to be honest, ODP is the more likely path for me but I would appreciate any information you guys could give me. Does anybody know how often they take on ODP's? When could I start training? From training how does the life of an ODP begin? And just general information about the life of an ODP would be appreciated.

    Please enlighten me!!

  2. April not October

    With the best will in the world your not going to make the next specialist selection board for ODP, as you've got to attend and pass ADSC first. The next selection board after that is March 2010 for the Phase 2 (ODP) training course in September 2010.
    As for general information there is plenty out there, try google or RAMC Careers.
    PM me if you get stuck.