Seeking info on former rasc snco for civilian family search

Discussion in 'RLC' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Know this is a bit of a long shot, but a civilian friend is conducting family research and has come across a name of a distant relative who was a SSGT at 3 (Trg) Battalion, (Sups) RASC, Elles Lines Farnborough in 1958. Name is unusual and Regimental No is only seven digits long, so likely is mistaken.

    Person concerned is SSGT Stanley HAMSHAW RASC and was a Regular, not National Service.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. Thanks Shiny-Arrse

    Already been down that route, but there apparently seems to be confusion about the spelling which my friend is adamant he is correct. I have now possibly worked out the subject's regimental number and may be able to point him in the direction of the RLC Museum in Deepcut.

    The RASC occupied Elles Barracks, Farnborough from 1945-1960 after which the 16 Para Bde Bleeps moved in for 5 years. The barracks was demolished during the early seventies although the old Sgts Mess is still used as the Farnborough Community Centre.