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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Romeo-250, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Probs the wrong place to post but I am too desperate and drunk to care

    I am looking for a couple of signals techies.

    One was L***worth a complete wide boy (LCpl) tech from AMF(L) in 1999 used to help himself to my beer. He was a Comms tech I would like to say he was radio but probs sys.

    The second ***** (Sgt) married Gemma in 1999. Ruddas and I attended his wedding on 16th of August 1999 but that was not his wedding :)

    The others are FAZ Romeo troop He was a Sgt in 2000

    Thomo (there are thousands of you) but we let youj have our MQ in 2000 when we went away and then we went away again ad you were posted out before I got to say good bye.

    Failing the above if you were AMF(L) june 1997 - December 1999 and remember the comms lads or exercise Lion sun 98 or exercise hardfall 98
    Please contact me.

    There was also a jolly to sardinia but I don't have the details on that.

    Also Romeo Troop 15 sigs "Ghost Busters" anyone from 1999 - 2001 please contact me.


    To the rest of the corps stay safe.
  2. You might want to edit that post and lose the names...
  3. Romeo-250,
    Check PM's
  4. Good start, Corps to the core.
  5. Short blond lad from Doncaster Thommo? R Tp in 2000, left 15 under a fairly large cloud?

    If so, he's well well out now, must be at least four or five years.