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I recently attended an AC and did rather well on the physical tests. My GCSE's are letting me down in regards to which job roles I can apply for, I only got a D in maths. I did contact the careers service to inquire about resitting GCSE maths but they informed me that I had missed the enrolment period for this academic year.

Here's a list of all the roles which I have the grades for and have somewhat of an interest in:
Infantry Soldier/Paratrooper
Aviation Groundcrew Specialist
Aviation Communication Specialist
Supply Chain Operative
Power Engineer
Engineer IT Systems Operator
HR specialist
Petroleum Operator
Driver Communications Specialist

Does anyone have any advice or guidance on which job role will be best? Both whilst I'm serving (quickest rank progression, opportunities to travel abroad and overall job satisfaction etc) and which roles would leave me in good stead should I choose to leave the army in the future (valuable qualifications and access to a decent paying job on civvy Street)?
No one can tell you which role is best for you. We don’t know you. However, if some have been in one of those roles they may give you the benefit of their experience.

Do a little research on the Army website to start while you are waiting for replies on here.


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I imagine either bricklayer or Engineer IT Systems operator will transfer the best into civvy street. No idea re rank progression and job satisfaction is subjective.

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