Seeking Grandfathers History - Irish Guards WWII

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bossdog, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking for records on my late Grandfather.

    I have contacted the Army Records Centre but am unable to pursue further with them as my grandmother won't give the necessary written permission. I have been in touch with the Irish Guards Regimental Assoc at RHQ, but received the same treatment also, despite having served myself with an Irish Regiment! I have enough information on Stalag 8b where he was held, and also where the Irish Guards served during WWII. Howver, I can find no information relating to him directly.

    Can anyone help? This is alll I know so far and it is very little.

    2722020 John William Walker (Rank not known)
    Irish Guards (Bn unknown)
    Enlisted in 1940
    Captured (I will presume in North Africe) marched as walking wounded to Stalag 8b at Silesia Poland.

  2. On a quick look at web sites, it seems that the 1st Bn Irish Guards went to North Africa in 1943 as part of the 1st Army and were engaged in heavy fighting. has some mention of it, and if you go to the VC's listing for Lance Corporal John Patrick Kenneally this has some detail on one battle. They then went on the Italy, so this might be where he was taken prisoner. They had a very rough time at Anzio losing many men. Before then it seems that they were much in training in the UK after the 1940 Norway expedition. The stuff on the web for 1st Army is sketchy, it may take some heavy rooting around in libraries.
  3. Any reason why your grandmother wont give the permission?
  4. Added. At Anzio (Wikipedia Operation Shingle) they were part of the 24th Guards Infantry Brigade.
  5. Write to the Imperial War Museum and also the National Records Office at Kew. If you provide documentary proof you are a relation you might get a better result.

    Both have proved to be very helpful in the research of my family's military history.
  6. Too many sad memories.
  7. Thanks JW. Ill give it a try.