Seeking feedback on a training supplier

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Mikal, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking to hammer out my CCNA in the next few months and found an organisation called ComSupport. It's reasonably priced and appears to do the job. I noticed it is used for those with ELC so I hope someone can help tell me what they're like before I spend my hard earned cash.
  2. Probably way too late but try 1Training up in Glasgow, the exam fee and accommodation is included. Plenty of kit to play with also.
  3. Joe from CCNA Training CCNA Voice & Security classroom courses from £395+vat with Integrated E-learning Program was on here a while ago.


    I took part in some of the free CompTIA Network+ Webinars and it was pretty good. Can't comment on the full courses as haven't attended but Joes method of instruction at the webinars was pretty good.

    (Their webinar is basically an online course listening to the instructor, looking at a whiteboard with interactive (typed) chat to answer (or ask)questions).

    Fatboy, is that from personal experience or you just seen the website?

  4. Personal experience, I'm the Cisco Instructor, lol.
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  5. But if he wants to use his ELC then accommodation cannot be included in the price, and is CCNA a level 3 or above qualification?? ELC can only be used for level 3 quals or above.

  6. That doesn't stop the training company offering free accommodation and yes it is a level 3 course.
  7. I think you will find if you check that ELC can be used towards a course that will eventually conclude with a Level 3 NVQ or above. At least this is what i was told when checking up on this. As long as it is a progresive course with final outcome being NVQ level 3.
    And also ELC can be used in conjunction with resettlement grant in which case accomodation can be include.

    Need to also factor in your 20% contribution so to get full value then you are better taking a good course and possibly paying more than your 20% to get your full value depending on your tier. 1000 or 2000 pounds.
  8. The Cisco courses at 1 Training are very good and the instructor knows his stuff. Don't touch the Microsoft courses with a barge pole....the instructor is tonk.
  9. A pal of mine recently did Cisco course at 1 Training and said it was very good (mind you he was the only one on the course) and he highly recommends them. I think I may use them in the near future........just looking for an online course to prepare.
  10. That's quite common. I run the course every week so you can pretty much always guarantee low numbers. It's good for the guys (and girls) as they can really concentrate on their weaker areas without fear of having to keep pace with the rest of the class and good for me as I can digress with extra materials not normally include in the official curriculum.

    P.M me your details if you need some prep materials.
  11. For fecks sake, how did I miss this post. Is it possible for you to recommend a book or self paced course (my internet isn't good enough for an online tutor type course)?
  12. Mikal I would really consider hard before going down the cisco route, I first passed about seven years ago and to be perfectly honest the industry is on its arse. There are loads of qualified guys out there fighting for a handful of jobs, companies are taking CCNP bods over CCNA, plus rates have been driven down. Sorry for being all doom and gloom but as I’m sure you know most industries are having a hard time at the moment.

  13. Thats the same situation in just about every industry. Despite the fact that the OPs post is almost exactly a year old, he should do his CCNA and then do his CCNP later.....perhaps after doing CCNA security etc. Its a way better thing to do then MCSE and then become a helpdesk wallah, or not doing it and working in McDonalds for the rest of his life.
  14. Sorry mate, I missed your post. I have now joined the majority of my ex-students contracting and away from Cisco Instruction.
    However if you are anywhere near Kabul drop buy and I'll give you all the training materials you'll ever need.
    Reference the course in the post above, if not too late give it a miss.
    Start here:
    CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide (640-802): Exam 640-802. (640-802): Todd Lammle: 9780470901076: Books
    then this:
    If you can afford it buy yourself a cheap home lab off e-bay.
    3 x 2600 series routers, preferably 2600xm series models, but not essential. 2621s are good as they have dual FE ports.
    3 x 2950 series switches.
    don't fancy a home lab, search for Cisco Packet Tracer or GNS3, I'd suggest Packet Tracer to start.