Seeking employers permission (Fire Service)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Adolf, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. After a fair amount of pissing about by myself Ive finally managed to progress my application to join the TA right up to where I need my employers signature, having completed medicals etc,etc but as I had expected my employer The Fire Service has turned around and stated they will not support my application.
    My question to all out there is do I really need that signature or can I get around it in someway,apart from that is signing the form myself.
    Their biggest problem is losing individuals to deployments.

    Also can a member of the TA refuse to go on deployment with good reason or would they have to resign from their unit.

  2. Which brigade are u with mate my lot have had no problem with me they even give me extra holidays for it are u uniformed staff or technical support pm me i might be able to help
  3. Mate, are you London? If not, and you are really determined to join the TA you could always go down the retained route and have two volunteer careers (like me).

    Re deployment, at the moment there is a policy of "intelligent mobilisation" which means that you volunteer for deployment, however as a member of the TA you do put yourself in the position where you can be compulsarily mobilised (this does require an act of parliament). This said, losing your job probably would be good grounds for appealing mobilistation especially as you are a public servant.

    edited to add: SABRE are the people to get in touch with
  4. Policies seem to vary from brigade to brigade. Who has refused your application? Someone local or is it official policy?

    Try calling the Sabre rep for your region - they might know the score with your brigade. Their contact details are on the Sabre website or try the helpline (see ad at top of this page).
  5. I'm in the LFB, and they are on side.

    If you are in London too and need help pm me and I will forward the details of the AC dealing with it to you.

    Basically you are allowed, they are not allowed to stop you. You have to apply for secondary employment and if they refuse there are grounds for apeal as there are lots of other FF's in London registered.

    You will thenm be put on the Reserve list. This is so the management know how many are in and are possibly liable for mobilisation. Fact is as the job is no longer a reserved occupation they cannot stop you, just depends on how much you want to push and make waves.
  6. Cheers for replys,Im serving in East Anglia at present as a W/T Crew Manager.I intend to start a grievence procedure against my HR department as they are the ones who have said no.I had posted on here about a year ago when I was initially looking into the TA and had quite a good responce from blokes in the Fire Service who had joined the TA,especially LFB.
  7. Adolf – Sorry to see that you are having some problems with your employer. If you would like to PM us to let us know which fire service you work for we’ll check what information we have and let you know if there is anything specific we can suggest to help.
  8. Have sent you email via PM Sabre.
  9. Can't believe that the government allows employers to toss you around like this.

    I got orders to 6 weeks School of Infantry; walked into my boss' office, handed her my orders, and said, "we'd better find a temp for me to train, I'm on orders". Not a thing she could do.

    My unit deployed for a 5 week deployment, Reservists had the *option* of going for 5 weeks, or going on one of 2 2 week splits. I volunteered, had orders cut, and again walked into my boss' office. "I'm on orders, sorry!"

    Some American employers force Reservists to use their vacation time (mine didn't), but the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act means nasty things happen to employers who discriminate. And they sure as hell can't forbid you from joining. That's a decision between you, the service, and God. You need to get your MPs locked on....
  10. The trouble is that even if you get in your civvi management can make very difficult for you. My senior management (I’m in the NHS) is OK but at team level it’s quite hard. The boss seems to make life as hard for me she can with changes to off duty and holiday when I’ve got specific things booked. It wasn't helped by doing a tour of Afghan that turned into 11 months out of my civvi job.

    Not a lot I can do about it and when I ‘rocked the boat’ life just got harder. My advice is to think very hard before going against your civvi employment if that’s what pays the bills.

    That said I’m hanging on in the TA and doing as much as I can but it gets frustrating when I can’t attend some weekends and training events.

    Wish I could just put 'orders' on the desk and say I'm going....
  11. We wish! Unfortunately there is very little chance of the government changing the status quo.
  12. The government should demand a commitment from our employers for the 2 week camp and 6 regimental weekends protected time off. Not neccesarily paid by the employer but, similar to a tour. the pay made up for those worse off by their army pay, this will protect small employers.

    After all if the governmet is going to continue to rely on us on ops then it can support us to attend training.

    Then we won't get the CO breathing down our necks wanting to know why we aren't attending training. Then any other weekends and training we do will be in our own time and our own leave.