Seeking companion for elderly lady

I don't know if this is the right forum for this. If not, Mods please advise.
We are looking for a live-in companion for my ma-in-law. She is 86, mentally at 150%, but finds it very diffcult to manage on her own. She has asthma and very frail skin - so slipping over is a bit of a drama.
She is currently in a care home, but really hates it and wants to go back to own home nearby - loads of friends there, but you can only presume upon friends so far.
The house is a very large bungalow in a quiet courtyard, set in a delightful village about 15 miles from Peterborough (church at one end of the village, pub at the other, and only about 200 souls all told in between).
Ma-in-law saw commissioned service during WW2. From 1944 until the bombing of the King David, she served in Palestine. She then joined the Colonial Service - married into it - and was in Nigeria, FI and the Pacific. I put this in just to give an indication of the sort of person she is!
What we are looking for is a suitable person to live in with her, do some cooking, driving, provide companionship and be there in case of a problem. No real nursing duties required, but some form of nursing training would be useful, plus the ability to lift her up if she fall over, help her dress etc.
Obviously, we want somebody who is exceptionally honest and not likely to take advantage.
Agencies for this sort of thing cost an arm and a leg, and we are trying to keep the costs down for her benefit.
Would be grateful for any suggestions.
most people advertise in "The Lady" for this kind of post - no idea how much it costs though


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