Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dave2927, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Many thanks for taking the time to read this, im seeking someone who can if possible provide me with an example CV for an Area Systems Op so that i can get a head start in preparation for Civvy street.

    Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Write down everything you have done in the military, equipment/experiences/course, then see if there is a civilian version. Your CV will be about 6 pages+. You tailor your CV for the position your going for so can cut and paste where required.

    You need to decide what you are going to do/where/what qualifications etc. Before you have a benchmark to work from it can be hard to point yourself in the right direction. Military experience counts, but you have to be able to relate to the position. Resettlement is useful, but don't expect to get a job because you've done a course/got a qualification. Also you only get it once, don't wast it: I DID! But I got a job anyway.

    If you want some more advice PM me, I'll help where I can.
  3. Many thanks for replying, with regards to your advice i have done everything with regards to what i have done in Signals but i need the Certificates for other stuff as proof. many thanks again
  4. I was under the impreesion that a CV should only read 1 page???????
  5. If a 6 page CV turned up on my desk I would read the first page and bin it. Keep your CV short and sweet

    name + address
    phone number
    security clearance

    QUALIFICATIONS + COURSES (forget GCSE unless you're 18)

    JOB DESCRIPTION (with dates)
    ERV commander 1988-1990
    responsible for periodic inspections and the maintenance blah blah blah

    Try and make it 1-2 pages and finish with a few lines of personal info sports hobbies etc
    My CV is 2 pages and covers 17 years and 6 jobs.

    The idea is to make it something that will interest an employer and create questions for an interview.
  6. that weird smiley thing is supposed to say 18
  7. To be honest 1 page doesn't tell me enough and more than 3 pages I can't be bothered to pick it 2/3 pages is about the optimum. This will remain as that as you move forward and you start lessening the detail on your military experience. Mines stayed the same length since I left (actually it's reduced as I think my first shot was 4 or 5 pages long)....
  8. As an AS Op, you should be able to write your own. Do it with your opposite hand, and use a big red crayon...... ;-)
  9. love your humour GURU !!! :wink:
  10. Take the description from the mod websites for the trades and rank and then change things like det comd to installation team leader of such. The kit you worked on cane be described by their technology as opposed to the name. Ptarmingan - trunked data network or what ever it was next to the coffee machine that you actually did.

    There are a lot of ex mil who do understand and a lot of civvies out there that do now due to the amount of ex mil who are working with them so if you dont explain it they will have a general idea.

    About 2 pages should see you good with all your key points in larger font on the front page.
    There are loads of key words that you should put on that are picked up if you are going via the job web sites or that people are recruiting for specific roles.

    Get the sigs resetlement newsletter, I am still after getting out six years ago and there are loads of things in there about cv writing and key words.

    you should know what you are looking for and then adapt a master cv to that individual role.

    Any way, good luck
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Which was why I put this bit in, you only include bits that are needed for the position your applying for, any thing not relevant remove?
  12. Dave, if you are keen to work for a paticular company you may wish to offer your services on a probationary basis during your resettlement. If you then add your willingness to do this in any letter of introduction, you will normally get a very positive response, as you are showing a both keen desire to join the company of your choice whilst leaving a lasting impression. This has worked for several ex service people.

    With respect to your CV the current trend is one that it should is no longer than 2 pages as this makes the recruiters job that much easier, as there may well be dozens of people applying for the same job. If you can get yourself affiliated to professional bodies such as the Institute of Management etc so much the better.

    You may also wish to research the commercial trends for the geographical area you hope to work in and the long term plans of the company you wish to join. As this can give good indications as to the sustainability of long term employment in the profession of your choice. As many people join companies, not realising that the employer has always intended to relocate a couple of years further down the line. Which subsequently means you either relocating the family again within a couple of years of leaving the forces or alternatively finding a new job!

    Best of luck mate.

    Gu ru - unfortunately crayons went out with the Ark but full nibbed 10mm black felt tips are in!
  13. Look here for some usefull phrases for your CV.
  14. As a self-employed civvie engieer. I would strongly suggest you work hard at getting your CV down to 1 page. No agency or employer will be much interested in looking at a multi-page CV when they have 100's of single page ones to go through. If you feel you need to give more information, have a front page which gives an overview of everything and some "Additional Info" sheets giving the details you wish to include.

    pm me if you would like to see my CV as an example.

  15. Cow

    Sorry, I must have misinterpreted what you were trying to say.