Seeking AAC PRI civil numbers


Sorry to do this but, I am trying to find civil telephone numbers for various AAC PRI's, preferably units with Apache Heli's. Reason is that my company is trying to offload 1/48th scale AH64's in various color schemes. We have had these items gathering dust for over a year now and need the space. We have tried the Museum at Middle Wallop but she isnt interested as they are not Corgi models.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I have a number for the Israeli PRI in Tel Aviv.... :D

Maybe you could sell them in the market somwhere along the Gaza strip... they'll go down a treat with the locals
Ever thought of placing them on EBAY?

Unfortunately I have ended up working for a Scottish company who are tighter than the proverbial ducks bum in water. They were all in favoour of using EBay until they realised that it cost money, car boot days.... the same.... free ads papers... the same.

Oh well it was worth a try... just have to finf somewhere else to store them as they most certainly will not throw them away or give them away....

Thanks for your time guys.....


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