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Seek Ye The Lord In All Things

There's a knock at my door and a young lady stands there holding a cheaply printed newsrag.
Jehovah's Witness flogging the Watchtower.. somehow she got past the concertina wire and the IED's..
Tells me that I should pray to the Lord always and everywhere, not just in Church on Sundays.
Pray at work, at play, while driving, shopping .. anytime is prayer time..

So I ask " Should I pray during sex?"

She starts to turn a bit red around the cheeks but, filled with religious zeal replies. " Yes, you should. After all 'Sex' is one of God's gifts we should be thankful for. "
" Does saying ' OH, GOD, YES!!' a lot, count as prayer?" I ask

she didn't give me an answer as she was running down the street.

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