Seeing Stars

I've just done a massive sneeze and i could 'see stars' for about 10 seconds afterwards. WTF is that all about??? :?


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Bubbles of oxygen on the surface of your eye after the violent shake, well that's what my old man would tell me after giving me a crack around the head for being a gob shite.
Are you a cartoon?
supermark500 said:
Are you a cartoon?
No! I could genuinely see 'stars' or little white flashed of light that moved about. Was all very weird and i hadn't even been drinking!
I get that - maybe associated with low blood pressure.

If you want something to worry about, people have detached retinas with a good sneeze, although obviously you'd need to have a problem first.

I also wouldn't hold in a sneeze the way some people do - forces gunk along into your ears. My pal deafened himself for the best part of a month.
not low blood pressure - was at the doc's last week and he said it was normal. Not that fussed about it - was just a bit weird! Will try and avoid detaching my retina though!!
Not sure about bubbles of oxygen: I was told it's white blood cells in the blood vessels of your retina. If you can focus, you can trace the blood vessel routes.
It is generally caused by a lack of oxygen reaching the brain but can also be caused by too much oxygen. The arteries serving the brain normally reflexively dilate to maintain pressure but certain things can cause the reflex to malfunction.

The stars are actually an hallucination caused by the neurons in your visual cortex (the part of the brain used for processing vision) misfiring which the brain interperets as vision.

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