Seeing Red

The latest from the white lab coat boys and girls..

If you want to be a babe magnet wear red. A new study shows that women are sexually attracted to men who wear red more than any other colour. " They not only view them as more attractive but they want to have sex with them more. "

" red is a status indicator and women who like guys who are high in status..."

This works across ethnic and social lines and is not exclusive to any particular culture.. so the boffins say..

Funny, when I had ketchup all on my shirt from a hotdog malfunction, It didn't attract any women, but sure brought out the flies..
RE mess kit is red, RA mess kit is blue.

Can't disagree with the survey...


Kit Reviewer
The wench always did have a penchant for my one red t-shirt...
I reckon they just did the survey at one of those traffic light parties - you know where taken people wear red, single people wear green, and people who aren't sure / people who don't mind cheating but don't like lying / etc wear orange.

That would basically say women prefer shagging men who are taken. Which is definitely true.
Navy pinstripe suits are the thing to wear to attract women.
When I think of men in red clothes I think of Freddie Krueger and polyester football shirts, neither of which are arousing.
Red shirts round my way indicate an affinity to LFC, definitely sends me running in the other direction!


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Red is common. Gooners and ManYoo supporters wear it. They obviously breed since the smelly scum show no signs of going away, but one does not wish to dwell upon the details.

Scientists should find better use for their time. Like curing cancer. Or curing Gooners and ManYoo supporters.

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