Seeing off the Director

1*? Who gives a monkeys?

He's jumped from being important to being dispensable if he can't prove his usefulness every two years. He'll bury any controversy relating to him faster than you can and unless he's your 2RO or swapping fluids with your 2RO he's meaningless.

Party On! Dude!

(You weren't relying on that pension were you?)
Please pass a new enigma machine this ones broke
Excuse my ignorance (ex Spec Op, you know, in the days when we actually got along together so probably a long time since most of you were in) but do you still have a Director Int? As the Signals have been reduced from a Major General (SOinC), then to Brigadier (D Sigs) and now to Colonel (Col Sigs?) and will probably resurrect the title SOinC as Supervisory Office in Chief SSgt in the coming years, have the Int Corps managed to retain a Brigadier as the top man?
Sigs have gone from 2* to 1* to no* in a relatively short period of time. Have the Int Corps managed to hang on to their top man?
I thought it was just grazing land for spring lambs.
Having heard this story, my Missus has reversed her stance on insisting we marry with me in uniform. In fact, the Corps has much to make up for as far as she is concerned.

My heart bleeds.

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