Seeing a Psychologist.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DanC, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, Here is the story.

    Last year i was going through a rough patch in life and then had even more bad news on top of my plate which resulted in me going off the rails. I ended up in a care home for about a month and through that had to have psychology meetings to cope with my anger issues and other things i had on my mind. Anyway after a good few sessions i was signed off and was told i had no psychosis what so ever.

    Anyway i had a call from my recruiter this morning explaining i had been deferred for reasons on my medical, She explained that she didn't know the reason and would not know untill tuesday when she recieves the letter. I know it is to do with the above problem as there is nothing else wrong with me.

    My recruiter said she doesn't know if it will be a deferral where i could re apply in the future or if it was one that i could never re apply for the army.

    I've had my heart set on the army for as long as i can remember and to be honest it is all that i want to do.

    Can anybody spread some light on the situation whether or not i will ever be able to re apply.

    Thanks, Dan
  2. They put you in care home but you don't have problems?
  3. A teenager who's parent sticks them in care because they are going off the rails isn't automatically mentally unsuitable for the Armed Forces.

    He may have HAD problems, but how many teenage boys don't? The only difference here is not all parents send their child away when they decide they have had enough.
  4. As i said i had some news from members in the family which seriously made me worse especially with my dad. I am not going to go into full detail the reason why i went off the rails but it was the fact i was a little prick and started with my dad too often untill he cracked and through me into the wall and i smashed my head therefore i phoned the police and they placed me in there because i pressed charges (Like i said i was a little prick).
  5. Stick with it, think a lot of "mature" adults reading this will be reminded of some very daft things they did when younger and how this was viewed by parents etc at the time.

    So you had anger issues, you can now control them I hope. Nothing wrong with a bit of controlled anger/agression, as long as it is controlled.........
  6. You will need to double check with your recruiter but I am sure you can appeal against a deferral.

    Supply any supporting notes (doctors etc) to reinforce your case and see what they say on reflection of this.