Seeds - Dont do it

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crabby, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Having taken rather a shine to the whole healthy eating lark I recently equipped my cupboard with various seeds to snack on.

    All well and good - many are high in fat, but "good fat", "moderation" and all that.

    Little had I been informed that the Zinc in Pumpkin Seeds isn't just for your immune system - it also makes your nads jump around doing the Haka at the slightest sight, smell or sound of anything remotely female.

    This is all well and good if you've got a Doris somewhere to chuck all this excess Zinc and energy into, but in normal working life it's a fecking pain as your little man strains against his leash.

    Anyone else have an experience they wish to share? We can all stand in a circle and hold hands if that helps :p
  2. I'm not holding your hand if you are that active ffs, try angel delight, I'm sure she'll accommodate you.
  3. The tins in the old ration packs were zinc lined too.

    I'm sure many sheep were disappointed when the army switched to the boil in the bag stuff.
  4. I've fought him to the floor more times than I care to remember today. I've had so many cold showers I'm sure my hands are clean.

    I'm thinking this could have advantages - just not sure of what they are yet
  5. I'll hold your hand Crabby (now I know it's clean!) but it's the only thing I'll hold!

    The pumpkin seeds have the same effect on girls too, I've stopped taking them for the time being, got expensive with the old batteries. :oops:
  6. Oh what time is Sainsburys open till tonight? :D Here Nursses nurssse nurses.... :twisted:

    Seriously though Crabby having a lob on all day is not a good plan given your line of work!!

    Need to find yourself some Browmide! Here want a brew? :)
  7. It's alright - the little fatherlesses are on half term. I've got to sort it out before tomz though - getting a civvy first aid certificate and I don't want too many "unsavoury" thoughts when giving recussi-anni one... I mean ummm.... argh, don't do Zinc.

    *Serious face for one moment* Kids, I've come here today to talk to you about a very new, and very real threat. Zinc. It may sound harmless, it may be cool, all your mates might be doing it, but when someone offers you some "Zinc" or some "Z" just say NO.
  8. Bromide hasn't been used for decades. I've forgotten the name of the stuff, but i think it was Androcur or Droperidol might have been used for that ..... but only on nutters!! I know a nurse who tried one or the other ..... and the advice is "stay with the stiffy and the w@nking!!"

    ....... I remember, now, it was Benperidol he tried ... and it was horrible.
  9. Half Term, wha the feck is that again???

    Right an you now owe me 1x new keyboard! Just had an image of you with tweed jacket with elbow pads purched on edge of a desk being all "hip"
  10. They weren't blue diamond-shaped "seeds", were they? 8O

  11. It gets worse - they're addictive.

    200g of pumpkin seeds isn't lasting me long at the moment - even less time than a box of kleenex!!
  12. It's got to be cheaper than Viagra though, maybe you could have found a chink in the market?
  13. I reckon that "Burgen" Linseed & Soya" loaf has a similar effect. All the batteries in my Ann Summers toys are now flat.
  14. so thats Linseed and Soya loaf on the wifes shopping list and Pumpkin seeds too