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My youngest is following the Rocketeer family tradition [ like he had a choice] and is signing on at HM pleasure for the ' fall session'..
In appreciation of his presence of mind, old uncle Charlie [ the lad with the detachable teeth and hair ] has given the boy a copy of a 'collectable edition' of old war comics.. Something called "Commando" - the book was put out in 2006, but the strips inside look to be of an earlier vintage..

Got me thinking of all those great old comic heroes of wars gone by.. and I don't mean Blackhawk and GI Joe and Sgt. Rock and Fury and that bunch [ fun though they were ], but the good stuff...

but, the book reminded me of one chapter in my yoof that cause pain and consternation with my maternal unit when discovered. I recall my short passion for pirate stories in an old war comic anthology.. Put out by Zap Comix in the 60's a collection that would, I'm sure have stirred the cockles [can I say that, now? ] of the late, lamented MDN's heart..:

" Captain Pissgums and his Pervert Pirates".. nary a panel of which could be reproduced without graphic warnings and NSFW labels in dayglow 36 point font...

anyone have fond memories of comics enjoyed before or after discovering porn and grot mags??
Action (late 1970's),later to merge into Battle/Action.It was banned several times for its gore content. :)
Sid The Sexist.. From the Comic Viz

Can I rattle me tattys aginst yer dirt box

Ya divven sweat much for a fat lass! Classic.

We decorated all of our Armour on Granby with Viz Characters..
Bunty!!.. sheeee-it...

I recall an aged aunt who would send over from the mother country, copies of the Beano featuring the Brit version of Dennis the Menace all Black haired and fat and with a nasty cat of some sort.. Also reminded of something called the Broons, came in a hardback collection..nothing ever happened and the characters were dumb...

Brit Comics I liked were Judge Dredd and Union Jack and, dating myself really badly, Max Bravo, the Happy Hussar by, I think, Max Butterworth.. 1950's to '60's IIRC...

gawd I'm old...
Battle- Charlies War
shimna01 said:
Battle- Charlies War
Wasn't the story of D-Day Dawson in battle too??.

God, thinking about it, Johnny Red was there too.

Charlie Bourne was cracking though, he went to WW1 and WW2 ....tough as old boots. :D
Markintime said:
Has to be the Victor. Cover was always a VC award and inside was the Tough of The Track, Alf Tupper!
Now yer talkin. Braddock VC, Paddy Payne - Fighter Ace (sent up brilliantly in Viz as Spitfire McGuire, shooting up a U Boat in a submerged Hurricane) and Trelawny of the Guards. Happy times.
Yup Victor gets my vote - Joe Bones The Human Fly who spent every issue climbing barefoot up the cliff face to single handedly take out the Jerry pillbox/gun emplacement/communications centre at the top.
Eagle, Victor, Hotspur, Wizard, Commando, Beano, Knockout, All great British Greats, used to get them all when pocket money allowed, or my Mam screwed the gas meter.

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