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Deep Throat, thought to be the most successful pornographic movie, features in a list of 100 landmark films.
Radio Times magazine said Deep Throat was "the worst film to have major influence", but that it took "porn out of the back room and into the cinema".

Made in 1972, it was the first pornographic film widely seen in cinemas, earning $600m (£320m).

The list, for the Radio Times Guide to Films 2007, also includes Citizen Kane, Psycho, Pulp Fiction and Shrek.

The Radio Times said about Deep Throat: "Cheerfully trashy, charmingly silly, this was a phenomenon of its day, a sign that the sexual revolution was in full swing."

The film was banned in 23 US states on its release, and UK censors only passed an uncut version in 2000.
I've a couple of other I'd like to nominate, I just need to review them again for *cough* artistic content :D

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