See A Yorkshireman Weep


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Ladies and gentlemen,

Here is your chance to see a Yorkshiremen weep. We are famous for short arms and deep pockets and never buying a round when there is a Southerner in the bar.

Anyway, I have a purple beer voucher, normally only to be exchanged for Timothey Taylor's Landlord of ferret food which I will give to Holidays for Heroes (soaked with tears) if my friend wins this Facebook photogrphic competition.

All you have to do to deprive me of a weekend's beer is click on the giraffe picture and "like" it. (That's the orange animal that you can also see at Flamingo Land near Scarborough for fellow Yorkshiremen)

If enough of you do it I will have no beer and the ferret will have to catch rabbits or eat the whippet.

Yours in dread of financial loss.

I also am not on facebitchwhinegossipmoan.
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