Who should be in Power??

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Reg Keys pulled it out the bag - only slightly less that the Tories. Well done!! Wish I could have watched Bliar when he read his speech out (did post it earlier - LINK).

Election results for Sedgefield and the rest of the country - LINK

Cannot believe that the stupid people of Britain voted for the Labour bastards. Stupid. :twisted:
i can agree with a lot of what you said, but the thing is ,
The labour Party got voted in in spite of Blair NOT because of him

the opposition wasn't up to it, however i don't see Blair lasting the full term, i feel he may be forced to hand over to Brown.
Already as we speak the Labour back benchers are moving behind the scenes to cut him down. I personally give him to the end of the month. he is living in the dream world like Maggie did before the day of the long only hope is that the Labour t@ssers shoot him instead of relegating him to the back benches :evil:

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