Sedgefield Constituency - Show your support

Best of luck to the man. Refreshing to hear he has no Westminster aspirations and will be a "residential " MP should he be elected. Hopefully will kick some serious ar*e with the local council, live in hope. Got a stroppy look about him bit like Ray Malon (Robocop). Makes you wonder why Sedgefield Labour party picked a part Scottish educated liar, sorry lawyer, as their MP who must inwardly squeal when he's dragged off to the photo op down the Labour Club (have you ever seen a man pose more awkwardly with a pint ?). Him and the post box frog would have lasted 5 mins there in the 70's when the sunday lunch time strippers were brought on...............Not that she'd have been allowed in of course :lol:
There was a fair amount of scepticism as well as sympathy when Mr Keys announced his candidacy, but it is now clear that he is conducting a serious campaign and is making full use of the experienced advice available to him.
Just a thought - we could have all arranged for our Forces postal votes to be registered in that would have been funny!
Good luck Reg!

Am sure if we did register our postal votes up there, they definately wouldn't arrive!! :roll:
If he wins, i think we should all chip in and make him an honourary member of arrse and send him a t-shirt! :D
Would Al Lockwood step aside? what do the light Blue contingent think?

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