"Sed quis custodiet ipsos Custodes?"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 17, 2002.

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  1. HANG EM

    if they are the ones that got caught how many are still lurking in the ranks.

    Hold fire on GW2 looks like we'll be doing the coppers job soon
  2. Deleted for being utterly irrelevant.

    Charlie_G , I suggest you actually click on the link, read and digest, then come back and offer a comment for discussion
  3. Looks like the FB have got f**k all to say whilst they've clearly got f**k all to do, or is this one of your four days off?
  4. Oh, please no, for goodness sake, can we leave the FF out of this? Every time they come onto a thread, it just turns into another slanging match and the original debate is completely lost.

    This raid, like the others to date, have concentrated on getting people who would have most contact with children, so that's why there are so many police, teachers, priests etc in the net. As they move further down the grading system, then other professions will start to appear - like, soldiers for example.

    Apparently, there are several investigations going on in various barracks and RAF and Navy bases. Some of the guys they have picked up  downloaded kiddy porn mixed in amongst the job lot they were downloading, but they are going to have to try and prove they didn't mean to download it - tell that to the marines....
  5. Hopefully this time, these arrests , are as a result of a thorough investigation. The last thing we need in this scenario, is another Cleveland witchunt
  6. No it won't, because this time they have hard evidence  on the hard discs of the computers. The Cleveland witch hunt happened because the evidence presented was primarily based on expert witness judgement, which was subsequently found to be inaccurate.

    But the statistics of child abuse would suggest that we all know an abuser, and certainly know a child, children and adults that have been or are being abused, unknowingly.

    Makes me think of the saying that you are never more than 20 yards away from a rat..........

    I remember seeing a TV documentary on prostitutes, that said research showed that 75% of prostitutes had been abused as children - can't help thinking that there is a link to that and their choice of profession.

    Makes it difficult not to become over protective of our kids, even though that that is not good for them.
  7. Prodigal, you would make a good social worker, or a prison psycologist and I've met quite a few who talk the same bollocks as you.
  8. OW! but lol at the same time
  9. Nice one Malky ;)
  10. Well that would make sense - only a delinquent would be unable to hold a sensible conversation about a topic such as this. Why don't you go play quietly in the corner with yourself, and let the grown ups carry on talking?
  11. Stop taking yourself so seriously pet.............none of us do! ;D
  12. Let's get back on topic here, and leave the sledging out out of it.

    Everyone who contributed so far, is more than capable of reasoned arguement on this topic, let's get back to that.

  13. The Police have an interesting culture, I suspect not dissimilar to the FF. It seems to me that when one of their own transgresses, they react by either colluding with it, or by being completely ruthless in dealing with the relevant individual(s). Someone once told me that they fear nothing more than being investigated by their own kind.

    I know that a decade or so back, there were mutterings about the 'Canteen Culture' that had permeated the Force, manifesting itself in various forms of chauvinism, racism etc.

    It would be interesting to hear some comments from someone in the Police.
  14. Some comments from the Police (To be said in a Reg Hollis stylee):

    "Evening all!"

    'Ello, 'ello,'ello

    'What's all this here then?'

    "Well Your Honour....I was proceeding down the 'igh street...."

    "No Your Honour, I had not noticed that the defendant was a black man"

    Comments from the Traffic Branch:

    "And who do we think we are Sir.....Jackie Stewart?

    "Did you know that your rear left indicator lens was broken Sir (Smash!)?"

    "No Madam.......who is your husband then?"

    "Well Sir, I'm afraid that it's turned red...You'll have to accompany me to the Station!"

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D 8)