Securtiy Clearance - Providing Evidence of for Employer

I'm actively looking for IT work and particularly interested in contracting. I have SC from RSigs but what evidence can I show a prospective employer as proof of this. The admin girl at my TAC only mentioned a reference number!

Are there any other Arrsers with SC who are contracting who may advise?


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AIUS your employer must, at his own cost, request a copy of your certificate from DVA. The SC Certificate held for you cannot be passed to a civilian company.

I am happy to be corrected if this is duff info.
It can if it's a list X company, but it's still "held" by the DVA. Legs is essentially spot on.
The company im just about to work for go through a company called NOVARISK to do get clearance on prospective new employees, because Novarisk are not a partner of DVA they will not give them my DV certificate. therefore i am filling out paperwork for Novarisk which is similar to my original paperwork, and my company paying for the pleasure, a good money earner if you can get it!!!!
It seems to be further complicated in that other Govt depts have their own methods for getting you SC cleared and aren't keen to talk to each other.

I recently had my employer get me SC cleared for some work at the Home Office. Despite having previously held it during my time in uniform (admittedly it had lapsed as I left a few years ago) they made me go through the whole process again (which I can understand) but then didn't want to issue me a cert on the grounds of being born overseas - clearly the fact that I'd previously been cleared and served in HMF didn't count...

Got my SC in the end though (but then didn't get the work at the HO) so for all I know it'll lapse again and I'm back where I started.
Just be aware that the SC you held whilst serving becomes void 12 months after you leave.

I am in the process of applying for SC again for my prospective new employer.

You would think it would be easy, check old army number against service records and green light it. Ah well, guess I will keep on waiting.
Legs is 100% correct.

The SC clearance has to be transferred to the new employer for it to be valid.

MOD / OGD - Valid 10 Years
List X Contractors - Valid 10 Years
Contractors - Valid 5 Years

Be prepared for your clearance to be 'cut' to fit the above.
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