I've spouted off loads, and arguably I've had a hand in taking the shine off some things, but I've never (I think) said anything that I thought would actually facilitate action by the bad guys.

Recently I gave someone a couple of pieces of information in a private message, one of which was available through google in 2 seconds and the other which could be arrived at by a moments thought - let's be honest, it doesn't take the brains of an archbishop to work out where most TA 23 squadrons are going to run recruit selection, if there was any doubt it is easy to find out. Besides a mapsheet narrows things down to 900 square miles. Anyway, we all know where the regulars run their course, and when the IRA were on the go some TA squadrons had eight foot by six foot "winged dagger" signs you could see from the road. "A" squadron used to put adverts in the Daily Record. My mate had to go for a talk and could find the drill hall - stopped an old woman in the street and asked her if she knew where the TA centre was, she said, "The SAS place or the other place?", and then gave him directions. I could go on.

Anyway, when I sent the message I thought, "I don't know who you are, this information is obtainable elsewhere and if you are a bad guy you are probably going to do something to somebody, so if you are thinking about taking on people whose security might be a bit better than you think, that's excellent - attack here and see what happens. GCHQ can find your IP address in 2 seconds - they've probably already done so".

I also can't help but think that the government/MOD are a bit f*****g thick - wearing uniform in public and parades for those "crusaders who return from Muslim lands" (not my view, the view of the barking) is just stupid. And who the f*** thought to say in open court why a bomb didn't go off? "The mixture was too rich" - oh wonderful, anything else?

I'm also conscious of the need to counter the stupidities/unlevel playing field that exists in some things. I had a TA SAS trooper tell me that "We've only got one Asian [that wasn't the word he used] and that's cause his father's white, so we didn't know from the name when he phoned up". On the regular endurance course every para has all the routes and rvs before the start and spends the weeks before walking the routes.

Now, despite all of the above, there's another part of me thinks, tell nobody nothing. I'm a bit, as the Americans say, conflicted.

What do you reckon?

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