Security Wanted for Olympics

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by pitmans, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I'm from a recruitment company called Pitman's People, we are based in Shoreditch (London) and staff events all around the UK.
    At the moment were looking for people who would be interested in doing security at some events including the Olympics.
    If you are SIA licensed or have experience in close protection, static guarding, chaperone services and first aid, or you would like to know more information, then please just send over an email to, to receive more info.
    We look forward to hearing from you
    Kind Regards
  2. Pitmans are short-handed ?
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  3. So are G4S.
  4. I'll help if I can do the male changing rooms for the swimming.
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  5. I'll chaperone the ladies Beach Volleyball teams. :policecap:
  6. Skills gap getting quickly sorted. Oh and sack Tom Daley's physio.
  7. I'll do it for £500 a day
  8. "Pitmans are short-handed ?"

    That's a cracker, only 14 minutes too.
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  9. I'll do Tom Daley for free.
  10. Reasonable for OF3/ OF2 I would have thought.

    Make sure you invest in a limited company via a local accountant, then you can probably clear 80 - 90% of Gross. You can also claim your travel, and £21 per day in meal allowances.

    Seriously - what are the rates and can people make arrangements through an umbrella company or limited company to manage tax liability?

    May I suggest you approach this elite unit, should be plenty of highly trained people available FANY (PRVC) - Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps - Home

    " ................proud of our long association with the City of London and those trained members who are on call, 24 hours a day, to the City of London Police Casualty Bureau in times of major emergencies."

  11. "on call ..........emergencies" - we do have day jobs you know
  12. I'll get me rifle zeroed in and charge me radio's up. Call me when you're ready for the kick off.
  13. Might it be safe to suggest you are late to the party?
  14. Sorry bud, I've already said I'll do that :)
  15. Why recruit?

    Just do what everyone else seems to have done and tell the Govt that you don't have enough people (contrary to the information in your bid, sorry...) and you'll need some Squaddies for free. And some money to train (but not accredit) them to SIA standards.