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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by themaadone, Aug 4, 2004.

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  1. ERRRR Well, thats really done it - hasn´t it?!?!? 8O :? :cry:
  2. I'm already in and had to get revetted in case I was dealing with children! Only big kids in my job. Process for my staff has taken in the region of months and even then civil admin are holding them back. Apparently the company has a massive backlog.
    Good luck.
  3. The latter will be a CRB (Criminal records Bureau) check (Catalinas) for dealing with children and they are extremely inefficient and random with some people having a check completed in a few weeks others it can take anything up to a year.

    For the original poster I believe it's done by the DVA (Defence Vetting Agency) or the Army itself. gives some limited information.
  4. Depends on what type of CRB check,as there are 2 types, normal and enhanced, which is good when you may have to deal with vulnerable people. But like any check it is only as good as the information that it can find, or is supplied! who is to say that Catalinas was a CRB, the HMF still deal with children as well!
  5. Brilliant! Thanks for the info, I never thought of checking with one of the MOD sites as I did think that that info would also be classified! Just goes to show...

    Thanks for all the input! :)
  6. It was my understanding that no matter who you work for if you're going to have professional access to children (to a level which needs you checked) it goes through the CRB :). HMF included as the check (which i've had done) looks at civilian records.

    Happy to be corrected if i'm still wrong though :)