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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. is there anyway of getting a hold of a copy of your vetting/clearance status????

    i left the army a year ago & have contacted my last unit & JPAC but with no success as yet. i know that there was at least 2-3 years left on my vetting from the last time it was carried out.

    i require a copy for a new job offered to me out in the sandpit.

    any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Kev

    Try the Defence Vetting Agency in york phone number is 01904 662644

  3. Yes but as you are a civi now and your vetting was as a Army type chap it might have to change to reflect this.

    If it does the nice people in the Mil department at DVA have to walk across the corridor and pass it onto the Civi side of the house. It can be done in 24 hours if needed. Or so I was told.
  4. Tip for those leaving also - you can find your vetting run out date on JPA under your compentencies. Its a good idea to print this off before you get out then you have proof with your future employer who can confirm this with DVA.
  5. I had to be re-vetted for civvy job on leaving the mob, despite the fact that i was already DV and SC. I guess it had to be redone as i was no longer in the kate.
  6. cheers gents, as of now DVA have an email in their inbox.

    B&T i did print off my JPA before popping smoke from the mob BUT i am in the sandpit currently with another company so access will not be until my next rotation in march 2011. good advice though, cheers.

    T24D i was always led to believe that another company could take on your DV/SC afetr getting out, maybe i was wrongly informed by a military clerk BUT that would never happen, would it???? ;-)
  7. Well, my knowledge on the subject of post Army vetting is limited and as my employer is part of the Gobment then it would not suprise me to know that they got it wrong at the time.....
  8. Knocker,

    When I left, the company I joined transferred my SC to them. It may be a judgement call (based on time left on the certificate) by the DVA as to whether vetting can be transferred or has to be re done.

  9. I got my employer to apply to share my TA SC clearance. A simple form from the DVA and it took about two weeks. May have been very different if I had left the TA.
  10. Two days on & still no reply from the DVA, not impressed.
  11. Why not just fill out and submit the forms on the DVA site like everyone else? Tell them about your urgency of need and prior military clearance and bingo fast result.
  12. i am currently outwith the UK cerunnos, this is why i emailed DVA & asked them to email any relevant forms OR to inform me of what i need to do so that i can speed the process up. if i cannot get it squared away i may miss the fiscal cut off point.
  13. UPDATE:

    an individual cannot contact the DVA, only a perspective employer may ask for your status.

    your vetting/clearance status lasts for 12 months after leaving the mob after that you have to go through th whole process again, around 30 days.