Security vacancies at Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf Group is recruiting security officers for employment at the canary Wharf Estate, East London. Canary Wharf Security is recognised as a brand leader in UK security. Highly competitive salaries, well above industry average, plus excellent package including pension, life insurance, private health care. These are permanent posts. Duties include foot, vehicle and boat patrols; vehicle checks; vehicle, personnel and area searches; surveillance; and general security duties. Many members of the management team are ex Services and recognise the value and qualities brought by former military. No specific qualifications are required other than at least one year's experience in the armed forces (or equivalent in private security). A full training and qualification package will be given including SIA licensing when required. Applicants must be smart, alert, confident and capable of working together in a team. A great opportunity. Apply today by logging on to and clicking on "Recruitment".
You could work at Canary Wharf... If you like stagging on gate for 10.5 hours of a 12 hour shift and not be releived for your breaks on time because of some of the fat knackers not giving a damn.

A mate of mine worked there for a few years then decided he'd had enough when the new owners took over and many of the security positions went out to (lowest bidder) contract mongs.

A very political environment I am led to beleive where its all about visual deterrents as opposed to effective security. And you won't get any support from the headsheds when it comes to having issues with resident companies.

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