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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Jockster915, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Guys currently using F-Secure ISS 2007 and subscription is up next month.

    Probably gonna go for a different product this time due to computer slowdown associated with F-Secure. Have looked at Bit Defender and Kapersky but both seem to have problems:

    Kapersky does something to files which can never be changed.

    Bit Defender problem with updates disabling Firewall.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated. Before anyone goes there I would sooner stick pins in my eyes than use Norton or McAfee.

    In case you hadn't noticed I'm no techy!

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Can you link to this please Jockster, I have been using Kapesky for quite a few months now with no problems follwing it coming top in a review I read, however I have not heard anything about what you describe and am intrigued
  4. ITG trying to find a link but damned if I can find it again.

    It was something to do with the way K7 tags your files whether you want it to or not.

    Not sure what the consequences were. Will keep looking.

  5. K7 tags all executable files (in its own internal database) so that it knows if they have been updated. I am not aware of this causing any permanent problems (but have never tried it on Vista).

    I use it myself because it has certain advantages in my job (better naming for specific anti-bank trojans, for example). Very effective but oh my effing god, it is slow.
  6. AVG is excellent if set up so that auto check is done when you aren't using it as it will slow you down, it can be paused though at any point. I would avoid Nortons as it is unnecessarily massive and slows you down badly. Also there is ad-aware which blocks stupid ads and Spy-Bot I think it's called that looks for spyware only. You run these last 2 whenever you want to. To top off CCcleaner tweaks your system and applications so there is no fat laying about. If system is still slow check that any torrent/ file sharing is off or set to a lower transfer rate, obviously left on your second-hand computer by the person that you bought it from and not yourself.
  7. If using AVG (Free Version) you will need a stand alone firewall such as Zone Alarm as well

    AVG (by Gri Soft) and Zone Alarm (by Check Point) both do a full suite for a price 'I dont know costs or how good the paid for versions are as I use the free versions)
  8. Concur with MSR but to stop any confusion, NOD32 is the anti-virus, ESET Smart security is the suite you need which includes a firewall, ant-spam etc. Very light weight, uses next to no resources.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    If you have Windows XP SP2 or Vista or a router (not a modem) then you already have a firewall.

    Your ISP should be filtering spam - if not enable the service or switch to one that does.

    Personally, I don't see the need for them. NOD32 does antivirus and antispyware, which is all you should need.

  10. MSR have you not got kids? I'd agree with you 100% if you have 1 desktop PC sat behind a router with a stateful firewall.
    The sad truth is that if you have a laptop and use it on other networks, have teenage kids with their own PC's and dubious surfing habits. Then a decent soft firewall is an important item if you want to keep crap at bay. Don't rely on the windows firewall, if you don't believe me run NMap or Nessus against a windows box with its default firewall. Then again at a box with Zone alarm etc installed :roll:
  11. msr

    msr LE

    No, still rehearsing the motion :)

  12. I go for AVG for virus protection and use Comodo as my Firewall.

    Very happy with both of them, especially as they both have that endearing quality of being FREE :D :D

  13. Glad you get to rehearse........... once you get them that stops, along with the lack of fun goes their surfing habits, it's just amazing the c**p they will down load and install despite the security on their PC screaming

    'Warning, warning this is a virus/trojan/worm etc'

    when they download the latest 'must have' game/film/ringtone

    Lesson learnt in my house. NEVER, NEVER trust a teenager with a PC :lol:
  14. Guys many thanks for the recommendation.

    Have looked at NOD32 E-Suite but not sure if it would be within my technical expertise i.e. basic.

    As for Windows Firewall no thanks it's tonk.

  15. msr

    msr LE

    NOD32 is the easiest thing in the world to use: just set it and forget it.