Security - should it be beefed up at TACS?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cutsy, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Yes

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  3. Doesnt matter - we are not at risk surely!

  1. I know standards vary between different units, but without wanting to go too much into it some units are bloody slack!!
  2. Security in most TACs is Poor. With more TA pax doing their bit overseas, we can no longer say that we are not a target. I know of a certain Bde HQ, where The local council has its bin lorry depot inside the camp. There are no security checks for the countless civilian bin men that go in and out like YoYo's. The MOD is comprimising security, so that it can make cash by leasing out buildings and real estate. 8O
  3. Agreed Cutsy - It's interesting to see how some units security seemed to view the end of an active PIRA campaign in mainland UK as the sign that they didn't have to lock the gate anymore.
  4. By security do you mean little jonnie soldier armed with a pencil (sharpened at both ends) and a notepad?

    I'd question the point of having security at all.

    There is no defence against a determined attacker, short of shooting everyone who approaches. Walls are scalable and how would we recruit if we turned away everyone not already in possession of MOD90?

  5. It's not just TACs. I work on a crab air base where I've walked through the front gate 21 times this year with no-one even noticing that I'm there, let alone checking me for ID.

    I won't go into the time when I got on using my library card, or my bank card.

    Security tends to be a joke. What with the first sea lords comments about wearing uniform in public, no-one seems to take it seriously anymore. One (fat) crab air Chief Tech here said "We don't really bother when we're on the gate because it's not our real job is it?"

    I bet that excuse would stand up well after the HQ building is bombed.
  6. TACs with crypto have 24hr MGS don't other TACs have MGS?
  7. You reckon??

    We've got a 24hr caretaker... they're even there some of the time!

  8. I assume that there are other units that have a civvy ambulance crew staioned at their TACs to allow TAVRA to rake in a little cash. Unless you have 24hr cover on stag access security is a little hard to maintain to the standards expected with an ambulance going in and out all the time.
  9. The IRA targetted a few TAC's and Al and his mates have far less morals so why not. But its not just another man on the gate/front door but wider measures like RF jamming, more CCTV, proper ID cards, escorted visitors, armed guards and not just a PSI with a 9 milly in his office drawer
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Try it with the AA recovery service and the BBC rehearsal and film crews (oh, and civvie caterers in your kitchens!)
  11. The same one where the fatties on the gate don't bat an eye lid if you smile and make eye contact or during the G8 a UOTC subbie rocks up "i've forgotten my MOD90, I've got a driving license though..." :?
  12. The one and only. I bet the Subbie got in as well. :roll:
  13. Of course, they might have had to do some work otherwise! 8O
  14. I'm of the opinion that security needs to improve - one TAC in particular that I'm connected with just leaves the gates wide open all weekend when we are away. Infact, whilst we were doing our usual post weekend admin on Sunday, we stumbled across a huge stash of prescription drugs hidden behind a bin!! What the hell was it doing there for fecks sake? Some crim being chased by the law was simply able to run into the TAC and dump his wares, confident in the knowledge he could return later and get it!!

    That's not acceptable - if a bog standard druggie criminal can get in, I hate to see what a determined terrorist will do.

    Someone mentioned about the days of the PIRA threat - get the chaps back on the gate during training periods and atleast ensure the gates are locked when no military staff are around.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Do you want more money spent on security - because that's what it will mean - because there's an actual threat or because it makes you feel a bit more important, ally etc? In the absence of an identified threat, and PIRA and Al Qaeda have shown no inclination to attack TACs recently, then the current measures, properly enforced, are sufficient. In reality, the current threat against people using public transport seems to be much higher than the specific threat against the TA. Security of the home base is important, of course, but it needs to be kept in proportion. Hiding the military away because of imaginary and/or theoretical threats to personnel has done us a lot of damage over the last twenty years in terms of profile, recruiting and so on. We've got robust security measures in place: we need to use them properly.