Security Requirements to join signals?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Kaizer_Von_Afrika, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. Are there special security requirements to join signals?
    Like residency time, Citizenship (I hold commonwealth), etc.
    Could you please inform me if you know?
  2. 5 years residency in the UK
  4. For all signal jobs?
  5. also required to fill out security questionaire,which can take you a few days,due the the level of info,they require from you
  6. Its not 5 years ,you must have at least 2 years ideally 3 years residence which can be waivered in special cases.
  7. Waived by the Royal Signals PSO.... NOT the Recruiting Office staff. I'm assuming you are not in the know Kaiser, so to explain.... the PSO is the Signals Officer responsible for any "final call" on borderline Signals applications. Don't let some Infantry wallah at the Recruiting Office steer you away from the Glorious Corps if you haven't been here the full five years.

    Best of luck with any future application bud. :salut:
  8. I believe SC clearance is mandatory for all roles in the corps, unlike infantry, logistics etc that only require CTC. SC information can be found on the DVA web-site.
  9. Actually it is a minimum of 3 years for SC jobs (they will consider applications where the length of residency is nearly 3 yrs by the time they reach Phase 2 training, it certainly was the last time i applied for someones AFB203 in respect of residency (recently) and it is a case by case scenario. And it is down to the SPSO as mentioned as to whether or not the application is accepted in principal via an AFB203 to HQRG, which doesnt mean that it will be accepted by DVA.

    To have it waived it normally has to be an above average applicant in terms of all other selection criteria.

    All R Signals jobs are also SC at this moment in time, all SC is conducted at Phase 1 and not in the recruiting office too so there is no need for filling in the 1109's either. (unless of course CTC is having to be applied for).

    And i am not an Infantry Wallah just in case ;) :D
  10. Thought i had better confirm this seeing as it is supposed to be my bread and butter :D

    5 years is the official answer, but someone who has been in the country for 4 years, providing they have a UK or a UK Foreign and Commonwealth passport can be considered by SPSO R Signals, specifically because of the time from application through to Phase 1 training and beyond bringing their residency closer to 5 years.

    If anyone is getting around that, then it is on a case by case basis and the best advice is that the Recruiter needs to ring SPSO R Signals Recruiting team at Blandford for an instant decision.

  11. Do the above regs also apply to TA Sigs ?
  12. Good question, i would assume that they should be using the same guidelines given that its supposed to be One Army, but i wouldnt like to say to be honest.