Security Rant

Right, just need to get this out.

I was just at my barracks, picking up some kit. On the way out, a car and a van were pulling in and the car came straight through the barriers. The van stopped and the driver got out and waited to speak to the guard while he was on the phone.

driver - "who was that who just came in?"
guard - "oh thats WO2 ****** ******* "
driver - " right well, i'll be back later on"

walks away

me - " do you know who those guys are?"
guard - " no, they are obviously " (says name on side of van)
me - " well do you think it was wise to tell him, who he was?"
guard - " well he obviously cut him up or something"

So in the name of security and camaraderie, does it seem to anyone else that the guard shouldn't have given him the name of a serving soldier, who had been followed in. Whether the guy had cut him up or is sleeping with his wife, that WO2 could have a beating coming. who knows? Has anyone else witnessed MOD guard stupidity in action? Where do they get them from.

Rant over

Edit - Came in after Christmas, chatted to the same guard and asked him about the incident before xmas. Turns out they he did know who the guy in the van was and he even reported it up the chain of command that someone was tailgating. No idea why he said he didn't at the time, alls well that ends well.
Disgusting, you should have gone red in the face and cried to get your point across..

Lacklustre security has saved my arrse more times than I care to remember, I was famously found hanging upside down by my jeans on the razor wire at the back fence near a pongo Garrison washdown, they unhooked me, gave me a wet and a sausage roll out of the scran box then laughed me out the front gate in the direction of a bus stop, all with no checks.

F*cking love Tankies.
Naturally you have taken down the van details and reported it up the chain?
stacker1 said:
Naturally you have taken down the van details and reported it up the chain?
Only the chain that is arrse. :D

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