Security Officers

I am in the position of being able to offer employment at a very prestigious site.

The work will be basic security operations, patrols (mostly internal), checking passes etc.

Pay in the region of 23K without overtime (based on a 48 hour week)
this may change to a 56 hour week.

Please IM me for details.
Having been in the industry for a while now I believe this to be incorrect. The officers we supply are on £9 per hour, most company's in London are providing officers for less than £8.

The shift pattern is yet to be finalised could be 56 hour week which will mean a salary of just over 26k which is of course without overtime.
roster not yet confirmed

it will either be a 4 on 4 off or 7/3 7/4

yes there are still vacancies

please pm me for further details and contact point to send CV
Must be WJ as there are not many that do a 4 on 4 off and also not many at that pay rate, however there are still soem good rates out there, the catch sounds 48 but possibly going to 56 hrs.

Is it with 28 days inclusive or exclusive of bank holidays, as I know that if its a rolling roster it should be 28 days, exclusive of Bank Hols.

Does the company you work for also pay for the costs of SIA Licence.

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