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Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by AD Porta, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. Looking to recruit ex forces personnel for security duties for rail and construction projects. We are a new company, making our reputation by striving to employ the best people for the task.
    Working a four on four off shift pattern the majority of the sites are currently in East London.
    Contact us at for more information.
  2. you really should get someone to re-write your website - "discrete" and "discreet" have different meanings and there are other minor niggles.
  3. Well bugger me, you must be posh to know that Popsicle!!!

    I learned me somethink new! :p I'm off to do some of that "writting his/her own name" thing!!!
  4. Thanks for that I will get the typewriter monkey back on the case!
  5. Does he/she type whilst wearing boxing gloves?
  6. And can Poppy and I have dibs on being paid proof-readers? :-D
  7. yes I didn't mention that particular part of the website which would put me right off if I were looking for a bodyguard!!!!! reads as though you are making a cheap shot at your rivals - and in an overcrowded industry you need to make a good impression
  8. Thank you for the surprisingly constructive criticism. Whilst there are probably some glaring errors on the site, it is an ongoing project and can always be improved. The boxing gloves keep him focused, and perhaps I should have made him wear them earlier!
    Still at least no one has given me lines yet!
  9. why do you say "surprisingly"?

    ......oh and it's all very well saying it's an ongoing project but meanwhile you could have lost interest from potential clients
  10. WEAR them???? You should have been wearing them whilst 'educating' him!! :-D
  11. thug hehehehehehe

  12. Oh you say that like you're surprised........
  13. Not saying nuffin , will only go against me


    R M
  14. ADPorta is obviously too busy improving his website to come back onto the site............
  15. PAH!! Too scared more like ;-)