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Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by pub_crawl, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi All
    I do not post much but

    I am an ex Sapper & have a vacancy for a security officer, 12 hour shifts days nights & weekends average 45 hours per week starting salary 28k + benifits location is north London. Must be ex forces & non smoker (we test to check if you smoke) full Uk licence & own transport. No SIA licences required we are in house. But we will vet you due to the nature of the business.

    Careers - Johnson Matthey

    Link is to company recruitment site so you can see who we are. Job is not shown on it.
    PM me with brief details and I can give you company e-mail address to send cv to.

    please no time wasters
  2. Pub_crawl, check your PMs mate.
  3. treborre
    U have PM

  4. Thanks for that. I've printed it off and left in on my boss's desk - with the salary highlighted in scary pink.
  5. And no popping off for a sly ciggie either.
  6. pub_crawl, PM sent.
  7. H&S issue due to nature of business

  8. PM sent
  9. pms replied 2

  10. Out of curiosity HOW do you check if someone smokes, do you actually go through the rigmorol of assessing lung capacity ?
  11. Hair sample.
  12. Breath test!!!!
  13. Ha ! and suspicious yellow stains on fingers !
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  14. This must be the first job ad I've come across which says "cigarette smoking" is no-no. If that's what he means by "non-smoker." When we say test for smoking in the U.S., it means test for Marijuana my line of work anyways.
  15. WTF is the job if you're not allowed to smoke? Even oil & gas platforms have smoking areas.